'It has been immense. I feel as though I have been given the space to really explore what loving and trusting myself means in a deeper more authentic way. Cassandra thank you being the Mirror, the holder, the mother, the sister, the empowerer, the womb for this to take place.
Sonya Jackson, Participant
The Feminine Edge Retreat 2018

Original Purity

Dark & Light as One

8 day Residential Retreat - Rethymno, Crete

22 September - 1 October 2019

Fully booked

How would it be to live your life from a space of pure openness? Where perceived problems or issues are engaged from the deep knowing that both dark and light are valuable aspects of the ever-changing expression of life? Where the uprising shadows of your humanness are not seen as ‘stuff to work on’ but guides and teachers in growing unconditional love and true consciousness? This is the all-embracing way of the Feminine.

I invite you to join me on the beautiful island of Crete for this immersion in your original nature, pure and whole. Crete is an ancient matriarchal culture, the perfect place for our journey where the land sings with a calling to reconnect. During these 8 days we will dive deep together through awareness journeys, deep meditation, breath work, sharing and movement, and simply enjoying life to the full. It promises to be 8 days of activation, relaxation and renewal, laughter, connection and bounteous growth.

Cost from £725 

full board 

7 days/8 nights

early bird booked 

& paid by 18 March 2019 depending on accommodation chosen

 Payment options available

A wonderful heartfelt experience, delivered with an overall warmth and love. I feel enlightened. I feel healed and I have clarity on certain internal blocks. I have enjoyed this experience immensely.’

Savannah Southcott, Newton Abbott.

The Abundant Feminine Retreat participant 2019

Radical Alchemy 

The Radiant Light of the Dark Sacred Feminine

7 day Residential Retreat 14 -22 June 2019

Las Coumeilles, Leychert, France

I invite you to join me in glorious south-west France, close to the Pyrenees, for an immersion in the radical alchemy of the Dark Sacred Feminine. On this retreat we will gently dive deep together through breath-work, deep meditation, awareness journeys, sharing, creative expression and movement, exploring the feminine archetypes of Queen of Heaven Inanna (later known as Venus, Goddess of Love) and her dark sister Ereshkigal. Venus was Inanna to the Sumerians, glorious in her beauty and bounty. Her renowned underworld journey is a tale of radical awakening and integration of dark and light. Using the Inanna-Ereshkigal myth as our guide, this retreat promises to be a journey of emotional honesty, vulnerability and cleansing, opening up new levels of self-compassion and love, vitality and joy.

Over this week you will discover how these two powerful sisters within you are the key to your sovereignty, revealing the true strength in your vulnerability, the radical yet gentle transformative power of self-compassion and the fierce authenticity you need to live a truly fulfilling life. We will travel gently yet deeply with these Deep Sacred Feminine archetypes throughout the retreat.


There will be plenty of free time to relax and enjoy our beautiful location, plus a mid-retreat excursion to Carcassonne, ancient city of the Cathars (at extra cost

Friday 1 March 2pm to 4pm Sunday 3rd March  

Wandering William, Ludlow, Shropshire 

Fully Booked!

The Yoga of Being Love 

A weekend of renewal & nurture

1-3 March 2019

Residential Retreat 

with Alexandra Jones of Meridian Yoga 

'I’ve released and grown this weekend so much. Experiences in the sessions were really powerful. They cultivated greater peace and love within me, given me something rich and wonderful that I can reflect on and take forward in my journey.'
Abi O'Gram
Ludlow 2018 participant
'Life changing! A raw emotional roller coaster with beautiful kind souls.'
Rachael Davis
Ludlow 2018 participant
'The generosity and talent of these two women is inspirational. I’m glad we still have wise women in our society – you just have to seek them out!'
Claire Thomas
Ludlow 2018 participant

Spring is a time to contemplate the newness that the ever-changing cycles of our lives present to us. It’s a time of renewal that we can connect with and embody. We invite you to join us in this exploration into the new waters of your being, opening in your ever-deepening clear, inspired self.  We will reconnect with the beauty and ease of natural flow together, whilst allowing you to release the tensions of a busy life. This retreat will support you to evolve in a safe, nurturing environment so you can immerse yourself in the field of being love whilst replenishing whole heartedly. A time to ground, to re-discover what is vital to you, opening to the beauty of you, witnessing the new potential in you and growing into that newness.


Together we will enjoy nourishing yoga practice, inspired by Vanda Scaravelli, a yoga which grounds, heals and has a strong focus on the breath, intertwined with the movements that release, centre and nurture, developing a stronger connection with the complete self. A journey of deep inner listening.

Inspired? I invite you to enquire further...


'A magical life transforming experience that I will treasure forever’
Anne Thorn, Cornwall
 Crete 2017 participant
'Amazing to connect with so many beautiful people, sharing tears, hugs, laughter, dancing, fun. Joining souls and making friends for life’
Carolyn Coles, West Midlands  Crete 2017 participant
‘The bonding of the women on this retreat was a complete joy to me and enabled me to feel safe and held.’
Mary Clegg, Dorset
Crete 2017 participant
‘This was my first retreat. I have learnt a lot from it. A very special week.' 
Kate Fernandez, West Midlands Crete 2017 participant

The Feminine Edge 

A Sacred Journey in Vulnerability, Love

& Fierce Authenticity

Fully Booked!

Residential Retreat 10 - 17 October 2018

near Rethymno, Crete 

I invite you to join me on the beautiful island of Crete for a week's immersion in the Sacred Feminine. An ancient matriarchal culture, Crete is the perfect location for our journey. We will dive deep together through awareness journeys, sharing, creative expression and movement, exploring the feminine archetypes of Venus, Psyche and Black Moon Lilith.  It will be a week of activation, relaxation and renewal, connection and evolution.

Venus, Goddess of Love, represents our capacity to be, give and receive love. She is the receptive and active power of woman as the creative energy of the universe. Psyche reveals to us the soul’s journey from innocence into the mature authenticity of Love.  Black Moon Lilith, the Dark Feminine archetype, reveals to us where we hold back from fully being our Feminine Self.  Together these three Feminine archetypes reveal the true strength in our vulnerability, the Love that we naturally are and the fierce authenticity we need to truly live the creative power that we are as women.  We will travel gently yet powerfully with them throughout this week.

Inspired? I invite you to enquire further...


Half board in solo or twin-shared accommodation 

Cost from £695 in a shared room, early bird price payable in full by 13 July 2018 

Flights, luggage or transfers not included

Watch the Crete Retreat video here

Fully booked!

The Abundant Feminine 

Creating a Life you Love from the Inside Out  

Residential Weekend 18-20 May 

at Bosweddon House, St Just, Cornwall 

Late spring’s abundance and beauty reflect the fullness of our lives as women, moving from quiet to chaos to quiet as we step through the gateways of the natural cycles of being female. I invite you to join me in the stunning coastal venue of Bosweddon House in Cornwall to explore how and what we create in our lives from the inside out. We’ll look into the connections between our lives as women and the natural and universal cycles, the four different stages of female maturity, celebrating your life at this point and what you’re called to create in your current and next cycle. We’ll journey with awareness and meditative exercises, conscious movement practice, creative journeying, the natural environment and women’s sharing wisdom. There will be plenty of space to enjoy this beautiful location, the wildflower meadows, coast path and ocean too. 

Fully residential from Friday dinner to Sunday afternoon.

Cost from £295 in a shared room early bird price payable in full by 18 March 2018 

Join me in this beautifully abundant coastal location for deep dive into the Feminine

The Yoga of Being Love

Saying 'Yes!' to YOU Weekend Retreat

co-facilitated with Alexandra Jones of Meridian Yoga

Residential Weekend Retreat in Ludlow, Shropshire

9 - 11 March 2018

Spring is a time of renewal in nature, when we can see the promise of a new season’s potential. It’s a time of beginnings, emergence, stretching, growing and blossoming. We invite you to join us in taking time out from your everyday life to explore saying ‘yes’ to you. Your ‘yes’ may be a time for nurture and contemplation, to focus on changes happening in your self or your life, to simply see what emerges in this springtime of new beginnings, or to reflect on what is calling for more love in your life. Together we will enjoy nourishing yoga practice and breath work, awareness exercises, inner journeying and movement. We’ll be exploring the feminine archetypes of Venus, Goddess of Love - our balance in giving and receiving love and the full enjoyment of life - and Earth Mother Ceres - our connection and flow in the natural cycles of life. Please enquire for further info.

Fully residential from Friday dinner to Sunday afternoon.

Cost from £255 in a shared room early bird price payable in full by 9 January 2018 

Fully booked!

Fully Booked!

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