This podcast series comprises:

- Over 4 hours of MP3s in 30 minute recordings

- In depth sharing of how astrology works

- Key planetary placements with zodiac signs

- Where the Deep Sacred Feminine is calling

- Major aspects for the year with their meaning

- Month-by-month timings & focus for the whole year

- Key questions each month to open your awareness

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2019 was a year of profound shedding both personally and in the collective field. It's clear that life as we know it is falling apart, of necessity, so we may make a more conscious contribution in how we all take care of each other and live in harmony with our home, this beautiful Earth. The energies of 2020 offer us a profound opportunity to align with both higher frequency consciousness & deeper authenticity in all spheres of life. As individuals we can make a difference, for the power lies in our choices and our contribution. However small that may seem it makes a huge difference! Opening up key awareness before 2020 major alignments take place offers the opportunity to enquire consciously, to grow in authenticity of your unique participation in conscious evolution.


Taking Radical Responsibility for Life is the requirement of 2020 energies. The hand of Grace is with us. Are you ready to engage the next step up?

'I’m so pleased with your podcast offer - I started listening last night - just what I needed to help ground and inspire me for 2020 - love the fact that I can listen to them whenever and wherever and as many times as I want - brilliant idea and very reasonably priced - what a gift thank you' Linda Hurr

'I purchased the podcasts for 2020 - wow Cassandra, so much information- a lot of bang for the bucks!! Thank you so much. To be revisited many times and throughout the year with the ongoing info. Just fantastic' Roni Flatley

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in approximately 30 minute recorded sessions.

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