Being Love 

Unveiling the NEW Woman in YOU

through the Goddess Pathways! 


Activating a sacred place of love, sanctuary & creative power within you 

through 21 days of deep reflection, inspiration & growth activation

(all from the comfort of your sofa)


Are you a woman who is inspired to love her self deeper?

To embody love as a living way of being in your life?


  • Do you long to meet the diverse needs of your life and relationships in a new way? 

  • Are you inspired by the deeper possibilities for your life?


  • Do you know that love - the Feminine way - is the answer to the chaos of our world?

  • And are you inspired to bring the Feminine way to life in your life, for you, for those you love and for all beings?

  • Are you intrigued by the potential of astrology to reveal deeper facets of your Divine Feminine nature? 


  • Are you saying 'Yes!' as you read this?


      Wonderful!  For that's my Journey too, and I love to share it! 





'Be not ashamed women, …
You are the gates of the body, and you are the gates of the soul.' Walt Whitman

Hello!  My name is Cassandra Eve.  I've created this online course especially for women like you to uplift your life into a new place. To unveil your true nature as Love and the deep sacredness of being woman - for she is, you are, the creative power of the Universe.


My life's journey is an incredible adventure. It has taken me into the darkest places in a woman's experience and into a deep, rich connection with my spiritual being. I have lived in spiritual community for 14 years, in countries I never dreamed of visiting, been priviliged to meet individuals who have changed the course of my life through their teaching and grown through all my relationships, no matter how challenging.  For over 25 years I've loved supporting women's growth and authentic expression.


My passion for our potential as Love and our capacity to bring that to life in our world is what inspires this offering. Astrology is such a powerful tool to empower deep self understanding and growth. I am so excited by our possibilities....  I invite you to this course to liberate the emerging Love of the Divine Feminine, the NEW woman in YOU!

'The world will be saved by the western woman"

The Dalai Lama

Cassandra Eve Whole Woman Astrologer
An amazing course!.'
Lorna Munro, Scotland

The Asteroid Goddesses in astrology are powerful reflections and guides into the finer frequencies of

Divine Feminine energy available to women now and shadow energies within the psyche.

Each Goddess has powerful mythology and themes relevant to your life. As we journey with each Goddess you will recognise aspects within the depth of your experience as a woman which brings powerful learning and transformation. You will grow in profound feminine insight and wisdom, integrity that speaks and walks. New strengths & qualities will shine as you open to living the fullness of your creative capacity as women.


It is Woman in her love who births the next generation of human beings, physically, spiritually and psychically, 

and it is through her evolution as being Love, as creative power at play, guiding her partner and lover, Man,

that humanity will evolve into its next phase. 



The Asteroid Goddesses - Your Guides in being Love,
the Divine Feminine at play in our world
'The quality of strength
lined with tenderness
is an unbeatable combination'
Maya Angelou

During this 21 day immersion you will explore and ignite in your life the mysteries of higher feminine frequencies through the Asteroid Goddesses & Black Moon Lilith. You will journey with Goddess of Love Venus, Priestess Vesta, Earth Mother Ceres, Triple Goddess of Relationship Juno, Wisdom Warrior Pallas Athena

& the creative feminine power of Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith, through the medium of  : 


  • Video and audio recordings on the mythology & meaning
    of each Goddess archetype in you & your life


  • A daily practice and insight question to open up each Goddess's energy and expression in your life

  • A guided meditation & activation for each Goddess

  • OPTIONAL BONUS: In-depth discovery through your unique birth chart with Cassandra Eve

On this 21 day course I guarantee you will discover profound insight, you will understand & deepen in your feminine values and embodiment, making deep shifts as:


Priestess Vesta: Keeping your sacred flame alight

Earth Mother Ceres: Understanding & embodying the ever-changing sacred cycles of life

Triple Goddess Juno: Uplifting relationship within the Divine Union

Wisdom Warrior Pallas Athena: Living woman's wisdom way fiercely in the world

Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith: Reclaiming your power & voice of the creative Feminine held in the shadow

Goddess of Love Venus: Understanding and connecting into the deep power of Love you are as woman 

Are you ready to step into a finer frequency of Being Love?

Into a powerful new loving way of being with your self & others?  

If you know a 'Yes!' inside, then this course is for you!

I am progressing from
learning to love myself to
learning to become Love itself.
Awesome stuff!
Linda Hurr,
Penzance UK


Are you called by your limitless potential as Love?

I invite you to SIGN UP NOW for 22 days of immersion in the    Divine Feminine    

To be taken at your leisure on the comfort of your sofa, repeat as many times as you like!

Cost: £33 for 21 day course

includes 6 guided meditations 


The Asteroid Goddesses

in YOUR birth-chart

Revealing your unique gifts

as the embodiment of Love

- the Divine Feminine

'We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational and so disciplined they can be free.' Kavita Ramdas

'I have this deeper
knowing of my
divinity & power.'
Janet Fynn,
Knaresborough, UK
Enriching and absolutely
beautiful. I would highly
recommend this course to others.'
Jodie Pears, Newcastle,
An amazing Course! 
Lorna Munro,

Whole Woman

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