Total Embrace - fully being human, by Cassandra Eve. 'A must for anyone on their spiritual path"



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Total Embrace - fully being human

What would happen if you took full responsibility for what you are creating here on planet Earth?


In 'Total Embrace' Cassandra Eve presents seven keys that demonstrate living integration of our divine nature and our humanness. Presented with contemporary and practical wisdom, 'Total Embrace' reveals how a heart-centred life is discovered in moving from a culture of blame to one of embrace.


Using her direct experience as an illustration, Cassandra affirms that spirituality can be simple, profound and fully integrated in our ordinary lives. This demonstrates the real potential of each individual engaging evolution consciously and participating in a unique contribution to life that has heartfelt purpose and real value to the whole of humanity.



'This book is a must for anyone on their spiritual path. The authenticity with which it is written will draw your heart out. It has become a beside reading for me, a treasured book, connecting me with my deeper Self. So so beautiful. ' Francoise, Worcester, UK - Amazon review



'A wonderful book, bringing joy and love to life' Elsie Janet Fynn, UK Amazon Review


'This book is worth getting simply for Chapter 1 on Radical Honesty. As Cassandra says: "Honesty’s gift is to open us to the real". She backs up her insights up with real life, vulnerable, personal, heart pounding examples. Here's a woman who's strived to live her life with an open heart. This is not some Guru's 'How to' live life perfectly book. This is a woman being open and vulnerable with her life journey, sharing what fully being human means for her. For me the book provides space, at time an opening soul chasm, to reflect on my life experiences and what I've learnt from them. This book allows you to draw your own conclusions, walk you own path, whilst at the same time learning from Cassandra's own life journey. If you want a "How to" book (which you'll not probably not take action on anyway) then look elsewhere. If you want a book to be a soul companion, to dive into your life's journey with, and to emerge the other side that bit wiser, then choose this book.'  Celtic Edgewalker - Amazon review


“Very Eckhart Tolle. I love it!”  Wendy, Hanmer Springs,  New Zealand


'The first chapter blew me away; phew, VERY well written!!   I need to hide myself away to read some more…. beautiful work” Jackie Farina,  Plains FM, Christchurch, New Zealand


“Makes my heart sing”  James, Graphic designer, Brisbane, Australia


'An awesome work that will inspire individuals to move on from their old patterns and embrace their fullest potential”   Ellie, Tauranga, New Zealand



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