I found your expertise and manner, coupled with

your healing attitude a delight and can only thank you again for being the best cosmic guidance counsellor I’ve met.'


Craig Trafford, Educational Consultant, Malvern, UK

It all began when my life fell apart....

My partner left, I walked out of my job and our home was repossessed ..... on the external level, nothing was left. Yet on an inner level everything was waking up..... I was demanding answers that only inner understanding could reveal. It was 1987 and awakening had commenced.


As is said' When the student is ready the teacher appears' ....and very quickly this is what took place. Life took over and I was led.... firstly to astrology - a powerful system for deep self-understanding in which I very quickly began to train -  then to becoming a counsellor for a Rape & Incest Crisis Line, then to my first spiritual teacher...... within a year life, and this woman, looked very different. The awakening was landing....


As consciousness opened within me I realised my life had been a series of major transitions...  I realised deeply that life is always in transition .... day to night, winter to spring, aliveness to death, quiet to noise, activity to stillness. I began to see that we are the same, ceaselessly moving from one state of being to another and yet behind all that movement and change is a constant ....... in this awakening I was discovering that constant is what we truly are. I know it as my Being.


In this awakening - which was always happening, even before I knew it - I have lived in long-term intimate partnership, in two different communities, and alone, in places I have loved and others more challenging, on the other side of the planet from where I was born and just down the road.... I have transformed the trauma of living through a series of major earthquakes, childhood abuse and a violent marriage... I've lost a son to heroin addiction .... I've entered the underworld, I've survived then thrived. I've worked in the Civil Service, been a PA in a league football club...... served as a Reiki Master, a Past Life Therapist and taught a conscious meditation practice ..... I've walked on fire, tandem parachuted from 10,000 feet, travelled India alone and been a recluse. I know the transitions of our human lives inside out ... and through it all I have been learning to stay connected and aligned with that which does not change, my infinite Being.


I feel utterly blessed to have lived a challenging yet inspired life, and still do. As I grow in consciousness I am claiming my heart space on this beautiful Earth... in the power of self-discovery and conscious creation.


We are the power of self-discovery; we are the power of creation. Are you claiming it?





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