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The Pure Fire of Your Radiance Retreat - February/March 2020 Granada, Spain


'Words fail me to convey how epic, easefully, gracefully and sweetly transformation and growth has been for me upon your retreat’

Sara Hall, East Sussex 


‘A safe and supportive sanctuary to be and discover yourself’

Julie Gabet, West Midlands


'A deeply loving, nourishing sacred space. I felt held in such a way that I could dive deeply within myself and be much more in touch with my heart, power and spirituality’ Rachel Blackwell, Malvern


 ‘A wonderful mix of deepening energy work, chanting, dance, enquiry and reflection, all beautifully held’

Anna Melland Davis, Dorset


 ‘Cassandra’s Retreat energy is so nurturing and feminine yet fierce and potent that it opens up aspects inside you that you always did know were there but perhaps remained hidden. She assists you to open up fully all the aspects of yourself, not only to see them but learn to LIVE them. The meditations, insights, activities and Cassandra’s wisdom are not just ideas they are actions! You are called to embody the wisdom, and in that way the retreat can never end.’

Zo Martin,, Noosa, Australia.

Original Purity Retreat - September 2019 Rethymno, Crete 


‘It is very special how women that do not know each other can become a close group so quickly. It was a warm bath; I had a lovely go with the flow experience. I felt held and loved. I look back on a beautiful week full of light and love. ‘ Carola Nieborg, Netherlands


‘A wonderful experience of growth, with peace, trust and grace among beautiful strong women’. Cheri Mckenzie, West Midlands


‘Difficult to find words that carry enough meaning…. Incredible, enlightening, supportive, absolutely right…. every bit, whether it be good, bad, ugly, lovely, challenging or relaxing, was helpful. I’m a work in progress. I made good progress. Thank you.’  Julie Gabet, West Midlands


‘The retreat in Crete was well organised and in a great location by the beach. I really appreciated the help from local people into the programme – Manolis and Suzanne – that was an amazing massage! The experience gave me some useful insights and the opportunity to meet some very special women. Thank you Cassandra.” Sarah Bell, Cornwall


‘I’ve experienced the richness human dynamics & interactions can offer & the resulting feelings & transmutations that has had on me. There has been deep learning for me that will continue to unfurl & deepen. Sara Hall, East Sussex

Changing Woman Deepening Feminine Retreat - November 2019 Salcombe, UK 


In three short days I have learned so much! Cassandra’s workshop was paced perfectly with time to process and reflect our work. I highly recommend her.

Jan M Cornwall


''I experienced Cassandra as welcoming and genuine, and enjoyed the intimacy and co-creative feel of the weekend which she was able to navigate with ease. The mix of myth, meditation, creative work and free time worked well and the opportunity to eat together and get to know the other participants deepened the holding of the group. It felt that the archetypes of the Queen and the Crone were present and alive in Cassandra, allowing us to experience those energies in ourselves.'

Susie Atterbury, Wilts


Radical Alchemy Retreat - June 2019 in Leychert, SW France


'‘What can I say! This experience will stay in my heart for many years to come… Cassandra’s deep connectedness and sensitivity opens up a space for deep exploration and transformation – if you dare to enter. But once you get past your self and do, you realise it is a space filled with love and compassion where walls can fall and tears and laughter can flow, allowing one to experience more of their true essence. A deeply magical and moving time. Thank you so very much Cassandra for your tender handling and wonderful facilitation.’

Sonya Jackson , Cornwall


'The Radical Alchemy retreat was an amazing experience but not for the faint hearted! On a previous retreat with Cassandra, I learned Who I Am and felt empowered and emboldened. This retreat was quite different in that it went deeper and was more challenging and yet it was facilitated in a very tender way which made it easier for us to trust and let go. I was taken on a journey into myself and learned to embrace and love the places that I have previously rejected or denied. I feel more whole and integrated as a result. My whole being feels lighter and people have commented at home that I am glowing. I know I have changed although it’s difficult to put into words exactly how – my marital relationship is easier and lighter and I’m relating to people in general differently – I think from a place of self-love and compassion. Thank you, Cassandra, for being such a wonderful facilitator and holding the space for us with so much love – you have immense gifts and yet remain humble and open.'

Linda Hurr, Cornwall

‘What an epic journey I’ve been on with you and the group this retreat, from the light into the dark and back, with all the tones and shades in between. I’m left feeling transformed, deeply nourished, loved and rejuvenated. I feel blessed to have been part of such an inspiring and healing week in such heartfelt and steadfast company. Thank you from the bottom of my newly healed deeply love-filled heart, the darkest creative depths of my womb and the lightness within my Being. Words are inadequate for me to convey how awesome and truly special you are and this has been.’

Sara Hall, Sussex

‘Radical Alchemy provided the time, space and opportunity for me to explore my ‘whole woman’, to deconstruct and integrate opposing but synergistic elements of feminine energy, to see the ‘light’ in the ‘darkness’ and fall in love with her.’

Izabella Natrins, Glos 

‘Cassandra holds space with gentleness, warmth and humour. She takes you to places you didn’t know you needed to go. I always knew I was in safe hands’.

Lynn Hanford-Day , Sussex

‘To say that this retreat was just what I needed maybe sounds too good to be true. But it was exactly that – my perfect soul medicine for this moment in time. Peace and quiet in a stunning location with a small group of beautiful like-minded women. I woke each morning eager to discover what lay ahead that day. It was always enjoyable if sometimes personally challenging and Cassandra held the space beautifully with a perfect balance of gentle support and freedom for us to just ‘be’. Brilliant in every way!’

Caitlin Sinclair, Worcs

The Feminine Edge Retreat - October 2018 in Rethymno Crete


'The retreat was beautiful in so many ways. Cassandra provided a safe, nurturing and supportive retreat where I felt I could let go but most of all was able to receive love, support and guidance to move forward.’

Kate Fernandez, West Midlands


‘Cassandra, what words can express my deepest respect, gratitude and honour to you to have been able to take part in this incredible life changing and affirming retreat. Thank you so very much for facilitating and holding such a special and sacred space for women to come together in love, vulnerability, power, grief, happiness, celebration, healing and all the other emotions and deep feelings. It has been immense. I feel as though I have been given the space to really explore what loving and trusting myself means in a deeper more authentic way. Thank you being the Mirror, the holder, the mother, the sister, the empowerer, the womb for this to take place. I feel very privileged to have 7 sisters now who have witnessed and held each other in so many ways. My deepest love and gratitude.’

Sonya Jackson, Cornwall


‘I loved the way the sessions gradually built up, starting gently and getting more deep and powerful. I love the dancing but all of it was totally amazing. The space was so wonderfully created and held to provide a safe space of love, trust, openness and honesty – for the magic to happen. One of the most powerful and yet lovingly gentle experiences of my life. My life will never be the same! I feel cleansed, forgiven and empowered to love life and fully embrace the ecstatic dance of life’.

Linda Hurr, Cornwall


‘Enlightened and empowered is how I feel at the end of this retreat. Cassandra has a lovely gentle nurturing way of helping you to shine your light in this world. I highly recommend this retreat at anyone. This retreat will live in my heart for a long time.

Rita Bright, Co. Westmeath


‘Cassandra is a woman of great depth, compassion and divine love. She created a space in which I felt held and safe, heard and seen, enabling me to blossom and grow into the rose-rooted woman I was born to be. I cannot thank her enough’

Sara Hall, Surrey & Cornwall

‘I had never met Cassandra or any of the other women but felt a strong pull to come. It was a wonderful deep dive with like-minded and like-hearted women. I loved being able to dive deep but in a way that was also supported’

Anna Melland Davis, Dorset


‘Yet again Cassandra turns up, turns my life upside down and inside out, then gently, with love, compassion and humour offers me the thread needed to sew myself together again. The pattern is different, the material slightly different but the beauty remains. Cassandra offers space, intelligence and wisdom to allow you to go into and find your precious pearls in the darkest of places. I couldn’t recommend her work and her retreats enough though be prepared to be changed forever (in the nicest possible way). Cassandra has transformed my ability to see who I truly am, and who I have always been, for that I will be eternally grateful.’

Julianne Downham, North Wales

The Abundant Feminine Retreat - May 2018 at Bosweddon House, Cape Cornwall

‘Gentle, loving, empowering energy… a beautifully created space to reclaim oneself.’

Fabiana Guidicotti, Great Malvern


'My first retreat at the tender age of 55! I'm leaving having de-cluttered some long standing emotional baggage, having found a deeper sense of who I am, where I want to go and what I want to do. Cassandra holds a powerfully safe space in which to explore those deeply held issues that can hold us back. If you are unsure, take the risk and step in'

Joy Harvey, Hereford


‘Cassandra brings out the best in all participants’

Lyz Harvey, Belbroughton


‘A profound and challenging experience with some amazing women’.

Di Auckland, Gloucester


'I have had many realisations, some that I completely was not expecting. My first retreat – I will be back'.

Wendy Picken, Reading


‘I found this retreat deeply moving and releasing, a great opportunity to let it all go which was a great relief. I feel much lighter as a result and have an idea now where I’m going and what I’m doing in the next stage.’

Jane Foulkes, Hereford


‘A wonderful heartfelt experience, delivered with an overall sense of warmth and love. I feel enlightened. I feel healed and I have clarity on certain internal blocks. I have enjoyed this experience immensely.’

Savannah Southcott, Newton Abbott


‘Deepest gratitude Cassandra for providing a beautiful retreat space, deep but gentle exploration of the phases and transitions of womanhood. Beautifully held with tenderness to a powerful conclusion. Lovely connection to women participants and the sacred circle.’

Jayne Power, Great Malvern


A soul-expanding, nurturing, love-full, releasing, learning few days that have come at the perfect time'

Liz McGregor, Derbys


 'I feel like I have been on a long deep beautiful journey to myself. Being held in a space that feels safe and loving has been an incredible experience. I have recharged and replenished my inner resources and feel strong and guided in my onward journey'

Jennie Russell-Smith, Hereford

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