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Your essential Weekly Connections Video - the feminine astrology for the week:


    ~ Where's the Universal Feminine energy flowing this week?

    ~ What are the gifts and challenges for our lives as women?

    ~ Moon flow, Venus Love cycles, Asteroid Goddesses pathways



Your enlightening New Moon Meditation recording


   ~ Guided meditation sent for each New Moon

   ~ Where's the Moon flow guiding us this month?

   ~ What can we discover about our higher calling?



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Your enlightening Bonus Guide: 'Goddess Pathways 2017'


~ Where the Feminine Archetype planets are playing in 2017

~ What does this mean in your life?

~ Timing & focus of opportunities for change & growth




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'A profound and deeply moving New Moon meditation... Such deep insight into the dance of my masculine and feminine energies. Thank you so much Cassandra'   Current Subscriber
'Just to say how much I'm enjoying the blogs, meditations et al Cassandra. They're making a huge difference in a challenging transformative time.' Current Subscriber
Whole Woman Connections - astrology for women

We are the Universe flowing as woman forms.....


every atom in your body is star stuff....


your story is part of a bigger story.......


for the Universe is within you


& when you connect with the Feminine Flow of

the Universe you come ALIVE in a new way!



Whole Woman Astrologer Cassandra Eve is your guide into the power of feminine connection, to the rich deep nourishment

of our universal flow as women

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