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 Whole Woman Astrologer Cassandra Eve specialises in the Asteroid Goddess & Black Moon Lilith energies: powerfully affirming mirrors for women's self expression and soul gifts.  Archetypes such as Wisdom Warrior Pallas Athena,  Juno, Queen of Heaven, Vesta, Guardian of the Sacred Flame and Earth Mother Ceres reveal the rich deep aspects of women's journey and your life. They are the keys to becoming a whole woman and to engaging your fullest potential as feminine expression! 

 Cassandra's astrological guidance is rich, insightful and profoundly affirming. She is a natural translator of universal patterns and rhythms particular to your life. You come away with a renewed sense of direction, purpose and confidence in your life's processes, with timing for your particular ongoing rhythms of change and growth. ​

'an enlightening, empowering

& healing experience'


 Lisa Bolton, Ledbury, UK

We are made of star stuff! Our bodies comprise the same elements as the Earth and our Universe. Our emotions flow to the tides of the Moon and our minds soar in inspiration towards the unseen possibilities of the future. Is it any wonder we stand and stare in awe at the night sky? We are seeing our own potential ~ vast, inspiring and infinite...


Just as human beings live in a field of evolving consciousness, so astrology is growing. Over 5000 years astrology has evolved from the study of the planets to determine a fatalistic approach, to an in-depth archetypal mapping system for our human psyche and an understanding of the rhythms of the universe with its infinite possibilities of expression. Our physical universe is just one tiny aspect of reality. Quantum physicists and cosmologists now speak about the existence of the ‘multiverse’ where all possibilities exist simultaneously in what we might call ‘parallel worlds’. An astrological consultation is an exploration of how these infinite possibilities land in you as an individual being and express in your life. You may know yourself as a Leo or Capricorn, but actually you are a unique combination of all twelve zodiac signs, with different planetary energies representing different aspects of your individuality. Your astrological birth chart is a blueprint of your unique expression as a human being, soul gifts and life learning.  A consultation points you towards that individuality and how the universal rhythms arriving on Earth in the next few years are supporting your evolution and the creative expression of your life.


A deep conversation with Whole Woman Astrologer, Cassandra Eve, opens insight of:


  • your hidden & unclaimed potentials & soul gifts revealed through your birth chart

  • the current and ongoing stages of your evolution and life's journey

  • the transformation of archetypal & family patterning

  • realignment with your soul purpose ~ your arising potentials and opportunities 

  • your keys to current challenges with timings

  • focus on specific life arenas: work, relationships and their inner processes 


 The bigger picture of who you truly are & your active possibilities is very inspiring!





Whole Woman Deep Conversations

Conversations that reach the Heart of the matter


Opening your Dynamic Potential

60 or 90 minute in-depth birth chart + upcoming opportunities, exploring the bigger picture perspective of your life stream, the focus of your evolutionary process and discovering the meaning behind any challenges 


Woman's Soul Mandala 

60 minute in depth on your Asteroid Goddess energy  

Discover the wonderful mandala of how the Divine Feminine is expressing through you as a woman ~ your gifts, challenges and opportunities in that

Soul Discovery Coaching

30 or 60 minute in depth focused consultation. A space to explore what's really happening in your life, its deeper meaning and purpose, your real choices and direction. May be a follow-up to a deep conversation with your astrology or a stand alone session

All consultations offer opportunities to focus on a particular life aspect and/or questions

Concessions or instalment payments are available depending on circumstances. 

Charts can be created for adults, children, new-borns and relationships, even life events

such as a wedding or opening a business.


Astrology is far more than portrayed in the popular press. It is not a predictive tool in terms of events. It is a mirror of life processes and a valuable tool for self understanding, life purpose and direction. It offers you a map of the universal rhythms of life, applied to the moment of your birth and ongoing life cycles. It supports the discovery of the deeper meaning and purpose behind your experience, opening the potential for integration and profound growth of consciousness.


Through the modern lens of science we know how the natural cycles of the Sun and Moon affect the Earth, nature and human beings. We know that the Moon rules the tides and plant cycles; we're beginning to understand the effects of Sun spot activity. What is less well-known in the mainstream is how the energy of other planetary bodies represents our psychological make-up and growth processes. Not only that, but how our consciousness actually is the movement of the Universe. As above, so below. Imagine how would life change if we became aware that Mercury's cycles represent our mental processes and travel? Or how Jupiter reveals where and when the opportunities for growth are landing in our lives?  We not only become empowered in conscious choices about our life direction. We are enabled to understand our place within universal consciousness and realise our profound responsibility as guardians for life on this Earth.





Tired of your life?   Knowing there's more but unsure how to access it?  Facing life changes?

A deep conversation with your astrology offers you a new perspective,

empowering conscious choice in your life

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