Soul Pathway: The journey from innocence to the mature expression of love 

Magnetic Pathway: The power of feminine attraction & receptivity

Authenticity Pathway: Relationship to your self & connection to Soul
Evolutionary Pathway: Self-love, nurture and your growth through life’s cycles

Intimacy Pathway: Keys to unlock partnership and intimacy challenges

Creative Pathway: Your unique purpose and contribution in the world

Power Pathway: Your relationship to shadow, power held in unconsciousness



As we grow in consciousness our nature as universal beings becomes more clear to us. Astrology is a route map for the flow of universal energies into our lives and bodies. As women our universal connection expresses very naturally, through the menstrual cycle link with the Moon’s phases. What we are less conscious of perhaps (until we explore it) is the diverse influence of the other planetary energies, making up a unique picture of our individuality.


In traditional astrology the planets signifying female qualities, roles and growth are the Moon and Venus. These two personal planets equate with the traditional roles assigned to women: mother and wife/partner/lover: women as nurturing being or sexual being. As we know, women have diverse expressions beyond these traditional roles. Now in 21st century astrology we have archetypes and maps that address this wondrous expression in all fields of life - the Asteroid Goddesses & Black Moon Lilith, along with deeper understand of the Moon & Venus energies.


The Asteroids were discovered in the early 19th Century at a time when the calling for women’ s rights was being born. This was an opening to a broader perspective on female expression and the links between mythology and the human psyche. There are tens of thousands of asteroids. I work with four main archetypes, plus a universal point known as Black Moon Lilith. These archtypal feminine energies are the pathways to your deeper feminine expression. They provide pointers to your unique expression as a woman, the opportunities and challenges within five key areas of feminine expression.


The Asteroid Goddesses are all active in your unique astrological birth-chart yet their synergy is unique to you and some will be stronger than others. Knowing where universal energy is flowing powerfully, through your unique pathways, both in your birth-chart and at different times of your life, enables you to align consciously with these energies. In understanding and aligning with them you may embody ever-changing and growing levels of your unique feminine expression.




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