Breaking the Rules

Fully engaging Spirit in substance

Exploring body, money & manifestation 

A journey with Black Moon Lilith in Taurus


Black Moon Lilith is a Dark Sacred Feminine archetype representing the shadows of our journey as woman in the power of authenticity particularly within relationships. Lilith is a mysterious figure both in astrology and myth, guiding us towards unravelling the mystery of embodiment and manifestation within the Great Mystery of creation - in Taurus that's about our relationship with physicality, the beauty of nature and manifestation. Lilith is known mainly as the first wife of Adam (before Eve) who calls for radical equality and honouring of her Sacred Feminine nature.  As Black Moon Lilith travels through the astrological wheel she points us towards different aspects of self where we deny, reject or absent ourselves from the power of Sacred Feminine that we innately are. In Taurus this encompasses body-wisdom, nature-connection, sensuality, money and manifestation of our authentic female presence along with its shadows of attachment and security consciousness.


Black Moon Lilith is a strong player in this year's universal energy mix, and even more so in early 2021 as she connects with Awakener Uranus in Taurus. I invite you to join me in this online immersion to discover what Black Moon Lilith is calling you towards in your life. We'll explore Lilith in Taurus's magical elemental dance of embodiment and physical manifestation and where resistance to that plays out, with key dates of activation and transmutation points. No astrological knowledge is required. This placement is relevant to us all no matter the astrological make-up of your birth chart.


2 hour Video Recording now available Cost:  £15 

includes Black Moon Lilith in Taurus activation journey

Eagle Woman by Susan Seddon Boulet

By donation:  £11 per session

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Engaging the New Wave

Making a Creative Contribution to Life through

Embodying Your Feminine Intelligence

A journey with Wisdom Warrior Pallas Athena

Online course starts 19.00 Thursday 29 October

5 weeks on Zoom by donation

Pallas Athena is a Sacred Feminine archetype representing the holistic wisdom of the Sacred Feminine. She's a very strong player in this year's universal energy mix, supporting the transformation and uplift of 2020 challenges.  Our collective culture, our world, needs the wisdom of creative feminine intelligence as we navigate the deconstruction of existing systems and ways of being both personally and collectively. Pallas Athena points the way to a holistic way of life where creativity and social contribution replace the old paradigm of goal orientation and expansion no matter the cost.


In this online course we will be engaging the energy of Athena as she expresses in your life, exploring & uplifting your unique life experience, gifts and sense of purpose into a new place of creative contribution in your life. We'll be exploring questions like:

How can you move from breakdown to breakthrough in these challenging times?

How might you uplift and engage new levels of creative contribution in our world?

Where are you called to shine? 

How does your unique participation contribute to a vibrantly & authentically aligned collective?

This immersion in Athena energy will support you in trusting 'process orientation', reframing your life experience through feminine intelligence and uplifting your commitment to authentic expression. She is a warrior goddess and expresses her strength and wisdom in a unique way in each of us. The course will include the astrology of how Athena is placed in your birth chart however no experience of astrology is needed to join. All sessions will be recorded if there's a week you cannot attend.

This course begins 19.00BST on Thursday 29 October on Zoom. Participant numbers will be limited, however as my online courses often become over-subscribed I may hold a second event on a different evening. It's advisable to book early to ensure a place.

21 days of email exploration with podcasts , guided inner journeys & more

Cost:  £33 for the 21 day immersion

21 day at home immersion for mid-life women

Changing Woman

Deepening Feminine

Claiming Your Queen, Touching Your Crone

Mid-life and menopause are times of great change. They are marked by two rites of passage astrologically: Chiron Return & the second Saturn Return. We also have a Deep Sacred Feminine archetype emerging through this process in Earth Mother Ceres aka Demeter. Her mythology acts as a guide in the discovery of who you are and what is now true for you through these profound transitions. 


I invite you to join me for this immersion in the deep sacred feminine in you. Over 21 days we will dive deep together in the archetypes of Queen - the fullness of women's loving self-expression - and Crone - the wise woman who lives in stillness and on the wild edges of our consciousness. It promises to be a journey of self-discovery and renewed self-love at mid-life, an activation of new potentials, deep connection and bounteous growth.


Are you drawn? Then I invite you to get in touch or simply book in now....

'I found the course very powerful' Denise, Cornwall 


''I want you to know this so you’re aware of the immense & positive impact your courses have on me. I’m very grateful. You’ve touched my life & me in deep & positive ways. What a wonderful gift that is! The final meditation was bliss. I had some beautiful, magical & insightful things happen & it brought everything together to the centre of my web'

Sara, East Sussex

21 days of email exploration

+ podcasts, guided inner journeys

and much more




£33 for the 21 day immersion


Psyche's Seeds 

Our Journey into Wholeness

Opening as Vulnerability & Trust


The myth of Psyche leads her through many tasks and dangers to claim the Box of Beauty, to manifest her love and fully express her creative potency. Her journey with her lover Eros is a mirror of our own lives as women, ever-evolving in maturity in the Sacred Feminine energies and in relationship. This is the Soul's journey to wholeness, fully engaging divinity and humanness through discovering ever-deepening vulnerability, openness and trust.


Psyche's first task, given by Goddess of Love, Aphrodite/Venus, is to sort the seeds of possibility. This daunting undertaking marks her initiation on a transformational journey of maturity. On this course we will follow Psyche's quest, including her journey through the underworld, and immerse ourselves in the mirror of her story, revealing our own gifts through her challenges.  We will take each of Psyche’s tasks and explore the ways in which this archetypal story relates to our own life’s journey : softening in vulnerability and self-love, deepening in trust and authenticity, discovering our fierceness, revealing our tenderness and strength, understanding our underworld journey, and claiming the potential for soul-to-soul relating. 

Psyche's journey relates to the maturity to love and be loved fully, the development of her capacity to both stand alone and embody true relationship.  It is an epic quest through which we discover and renew our own possibilities. I invite you to join me and other inspired women in this enthralling journey, diving deep with Psyche.



'I enjoyed the course a lot,  I really enjoyed the mix of different mediums you used, and i would look forward to getting my morning email and wondering what the next one would hold. I also really liked the feeling of being part of a group of other women all on our own personal journeys, but somehow sharing in them together for a time. Thank you very much for creating Psyches Seeds Cassandra, I enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to others.' Jo Tobin, Cornwall

'An awesome course' Lorna Munro, Inverness

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