Anyone for Cake?

As we move into winter and nature settles down to rest, we are doing anything but sleep. The challenge of the Pluto/Uranus square, mid-way in its cycle, is impelling us into a period of dynamic change which continues into New Year. Is there any let up? Well, as Mahatma Gandhi said ‘ You must be the change you wish to see in the world’. This is the learning.

Change usually indicates challenge and potential discomfort. It’s the edge on which we grow. To quote the original evolutionary, Charles Darwin: ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.’ Everything around us, from our relationships to the environment, including the planets, is reflecting this necessity to evolve.

The season of ‘good will to all men’ will soon be upon us. It’s going to be an interesting experiment. Having a predictable Xmas? It might be good to take another look. On Xmas day, Mars, named after Ares, the Roman god of war, ruling our passions, drives and willpower, is intensifying the ongoing Uranus/Pluto opposition. This is no easy aspect, signalling conflict, disruptions, even violent uprising. Interestingly Mars also rules new beginnings. (Consider the dynamic energy of spring’s uprising.) This indicates our choice: resist or deny the change we know we need to make or recognise the only certainty IS change? Undoubtedly true, but not so easy to live perhaps? With Chiron in this dynamic mix we can be certain our unintegrated past will be revealing itself. Faced with difference, disagreement and potentially conflict, the main theme will be: response or reaction?

In this volatile cluster of aspects it’s the feminine figures in the chart that bring balance and potential resolution. Venus in Capricorn quintile Uranus, whilst bringing caution and reserve to love and friendship, steadies and contains the explosive dynamics. Pallas Athena trine Pluto contributes discernment: to understand how the nuances of daily life create the bigger picture. For example: Does the endeavor to keep ignoring those little irritations really work? Pallas brings the perceptive capacity to see both the small and big picture, and take practical steps for integration of conflicting perspectives.

Key awareness: Your own motivations. Be honest. Avoid projection or blaming.

Key questions: Am I going through the motions of Xmas to please others or because everyone else is? What do I really want?

Key actions: Bring originality to the way you relate and everything you do, particularly your Xmas social/family activities.

Over this period, if life becomes just too much, consider this simple analogy. To bake a cake the ingredients must be mixed, transformed and cooked. The result is delicious. This winter we’re definitely cooking. Best enjoy it! Christmas cake anyone?

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