Lost that Lovin' Feeling? - Venus Retrograde

Love is the heart of our lives. It captivates us in youth and mystifies us even as we mature. In the 21st century it is clear that we need to find new ways of loving connection. As we enter 2014 the focus of Mars and Venus, planets that traditionally represent man and woman, shows relationship as a primary focus during the year.

Venus, the love planet, is in the sign of Capricorn, the Builder, from November 2013 to March 2014. Venus rules what we are attracted to and value, and how we relate with the source of that attraction. In Capricorn Venus is serious about love, seeking a strong commitment rather than a romantic interlude. Building enduring values is her quest. As she traverses the bare, rocky outcrops of Saturn’s territory, she is calling us to look at the structures and patterns we’ve built around love and money. The unwritten but binding contracts we make, enmeshing love in obligation and duty, rather than freedom and authentic connectedness. The same goes for finance. We’re building a new values platform; the context of your life reveals the main focus.

Venus retrograde from 22nd December has disappeared from our evening or morning sky to enter the underworld. Here she is illuminating the secrets of both our holding on and our true desires. It is a time of reviewing. Authority and power issues in all relationships are emerging. Teacher/student relating, boss /employee and other similar structures are under scrutiny. Themes of womens’ power and authority, or lack of it, will be making headlines. As Venus also rules money, it’s a good time to get financial structures in place. Look at budgets, saving and long term strategies.

Keys: feet on the ground, boundaries, getting real, commitment, build lasting values.

January 16-18: Venus square Mars in Libra. Potential for sexual attraction or tension. Look at where desires are leading you: connection or divergence?

January 28-Febuary 5: Venus conjuncts Pluto and opposes Jupiter. Take a step back from extremism: become more inclusive, looking to a bigger picture in any relationship. From 1st February Venus stations direct, intensifying the process. We are opening the door to the evolutionary changes required to bring all relationships into authenticity. During this phase Venus rises as the morning star, heralding the promise of a new dawn for all relationships. New love interests that emerge now will take you deep.

February 25: Venus sextiles Saturn for the third time. Make a commitment. A new foundation for love or finance is emerging.

March 1: Venus shadow period ends. Fulfilment of the insights received through growth. Transformed values and relationships come into being. With Mars in relationship orientated sign Libra until July, new relationship potentials arise for some time yet. Enjoy the journey!

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