Full Moon in Cancer

January 15, 2014

A powerful focus on relationships for this deep feeling Full Moon in watery intuitive Cancer... This is a Goddess-packed Moon indeed, activating three archetypal feminine energies along with the masculine energy of Mars, currently in relationship orientated Libra. Full moons bring light (and potentially manifestation) to intentions at the New Moon (at New Year). Whatever was opening at that point will be coming into its next phase.


This Full Moon is conjunct Lilith in Cancer, opening the door on what we have denied, repressed or shamed about ourselves. Lilith is a powerhouse of creative power once transformed but in her un-evolved state can be raging, covertly destructive and raw, seeking the shadows rather than the full light of consciousness. With this super-sensitive Moon it is likely she will be triggered, ready or not, into emerging or erupting. Remember: although not pretty, she is full of energy for creative potential. Her primary demand is to be acknowledged.


Themes are likely to involve family dynamics, home, food and nurture, needs and demands.Overall the key to this Full Moon is in our longing to find emotional fulfilment, primarily through connection and reflection with another, yet discovering all the places we don't!


Squares to Vesta & Ceres in Libra, show both tensions and creative solutions may be found within our relationships - how we nurture ourselves and others, where we place our focus and devotion - in healthy supportive relating, or not. We are being called higher. Although Vesta's expression is primarily spiritual devotion, her less evident energies involve the profound link between sexuality and devotion. How we may reach the Divine through intimacy. Therefore it is unlikely profound transformation will be discovered in introspection or practices such as meditation: this Moon is about conscious discovery and evolution through relationship.



- Compromise and people-pleasing

- Control/out of control

- Shattering the status quo; giving up what's ready to go

- Extremes in relationship

- Response-ability for love

- Wants, needs, demands, sexuality



- Valuing and uplifting both self and other into higher spheres of relating.

- Intense passionate conflicts and/or encounters

- Discovery of new highways to connection & co-operation


Sun quintile Uranus in Aries and sextile Saturn in Scorpio suggest keys may be found in going to the core of issues. Saturn in Scorpio can be ruthless about uncovering the truth of the matter. The quintile suggests the discovery of previously hidden abilities. If you go deep, you may find you surprise yourself with new authentic responses!

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