The Choiceless Choice - Venus/Pluto

Venus stations direct conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and opposing Jupiter in Cancer over the next few days ..... it's a kind of marriage; the Goddess of Love and the Lord of the Underworld...... with the added dynamic of family involvement, either directly (those mother-in-law jokes had to come from somewhere!) or indirectly through your family conditioning. With the Sun also sextile Uranus today we can open to deeper truths.

Venus has been in Capricorn since November 2013 and remains there until 6th March. Her usual residence in a sign is around a month so this extended stay is defining and re-defining relationships from every angle. There are several other powerful planetary aspects pointing in the same direction. In Capricorn the Goddess of Love is not at ease but her journey there is necessary. In our current cultural systems, without the Capricorn structures of commitment and responsibility, perhaps intimate relationship would not survive at all? The question is (and Venus retrograde is asking this) where have we become entrenched in our relationships and relating patterns, fixed in duty and responsibilities, rather than constantly renewing our vows to Love? When we renew, and use the old love foundation as a stepping stone to new forms of relating, Venus in Capricorn can establish a strong loving container for deeply committed connection.

Over these next few days with Venus stationary direct conjunct Pluto we are revisiting issues that presented in mid November, at their first meeting. With Pluto involved we are faced with choiceless choice - transform, transform, transform... With Jupiter also directly involved now, the inherent tendencies of relationship patterns will be amplified, more extreme and obsessive, calling us to drop control and defences, dive deep, and re-commit with integrity or let go totally. It could be a power struggle or a powerful letting go and moving on... We are opening the door to the evolutionary changes required to bring all relationships into the next stage of authenticity.

During this phase Venus rises as the morning star, heralding the promise of a new dawn for all relationships.New love interests that emerge now have a potential to take you powerfully deep into love, and then deeper still, as do existing bonds. The question is are you ready and willing to go there? And what will it take? The focus may be on your loved one and what he or she is or isn't doing, but what do YOU need to let go? The Venus in Capricorn journey, climbing the bare rocky mountainsides, is never easy but its promise, like good wine, is rich mature relating.

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