Ceres - Embracing the Dark and the Light

February 3, 2014

This week the Earth Mother, Ceres, moves from the airy realms of Libra into Scorpio's oceanic depths. Between now and early August, Ceres is dancing between these two signs, with her retrograde back into Libra in March. She returns to Scorpio in early August, where she remains until late October.


Both Scorpio and Libra are relationships signs, signifiying how we create harmony in our connections and where we seek depth, passion and emotional intensity. With Ceres extended stay in these relationships signs, very human themes of nurture and how we get our needs met will be rising to the surface. The shadow within relationships: compromise, manipulation and emotional demands will be calling for transformation. Themes of loss and grief come to light in the myth of Ceres, through the abduction of her daughter Persephone by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. Ceres journeying from Libra into Scorpio this year represents the journey both she and her daughter took from light to dark, from innocence to full-bodied woman or Goddess-hood. Pluto's actions were the catalyst for this transition. (Pluto is the ruling planet for Scorpio). The journey reminds us that without loss, the season of winter, there is no full cycle. And through embracing the whole cycle, we mature.


Much as in this mythic journey, this year we are called to stretch our capacity from Scorpio's passion and depth of intensity (and its shadow, the underworld) to the lightness and harmony of Libra and back again. To be journeyers between the worlds of light and dark. As Ceres, as Earth Mother, is Goddess of the Harvest, this period reveals the potential gift of journeying .... with grace... a depth of being that may hold profound love within our intimate relationships.


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