Mercury Retrograde

February 4, 2014

Mercury turns retrograde at 3 Pisces this week, on 6th, returning to Aquarius on 13th February. Mercury goes direct in Aquarius on March 1st.


Mercury retrograde periods have 'a bad press' as being times of delays in travel, communication, negotiations etc. And certainly it is a powerfully reflective and preparative (rather than active) period. A deeper understanding of the retrograde period, relating to different aspects of the zodiac sign in which Mercury sits, reveals it's not as simple as that. Don't believe everything you hear!


Mercury stations close to Neptune, which is in its own sign of Pisces, opening our lives to powerful spiritual integration over a period of many years. The current Mercury retrograde period begins then with a focus on right brain qualities: intuition, dreams and vision, creative imagination. We may be revisiting long forgotten soul dreams and callings. It's a time to pay attention to the subtle realms....


As Mercury travels back into Aquarius on 13th we are given the opportunity to reflect on how our creative right brain ideas can be actualised in service to the bigger picture. Switch off the I-gadget and immerse yourself in universal waves...Themes involving group endeavours, community, your place within the whole... Reflection on your role or calling to become an active part within a group or community setting are potent... it's a time of allowing new impulses within these fields of human activity to incubate then emerge.


Action on what emerges comes later.. it's like winter's turning to spring; it can't be forced. EnJoy the unfolding possibilities.

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