Black Moon Lilith & Vesta

We have a few days without major transits now. There are subtler aspects at play in our selves and through relationships however. Black Moon Lilith in Cancer square Vesta in Libra .. over the next few weeks.

Black Moon Lilith cannot be expressed in a few words on Facebook. Her Mystery defies explanation. In brief, she is the depths of feminine rage and/or creative power. Currently she travels through watery Cancer opening the shells and defences of emotions, needs, and mothering themes. As she travels, we are called to acknowledge and honour her as Dark Mother. (Even new physics knows her as dark matter). The emotional body is being purified through our embracing of the raw and primal feelings we have disowned. As we open to her calling, she awakens utterly impersonal creative power.

The Keeper of the Sacred Flame, Vesta, represents where we place our spiritual devotion and how we keep it alive. In Libra, she is the subtle and delicate thread of awakening Spirit within our relating. She also stands for sexual power. How two become one and merge beyond even one..

We could not encounter two more different aspects of feminine archetypal energy.... the square between them is the tension we feel and know to evolve.... our longing to become whole... and our longing to know that with each other.

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