Redressing the Balance - Mars retrograde in Libra

March 13, 2014

 In the first half of 2014, relationship makeover is our biggest assignment. New Year, with Venus in Capricorn, saw us evaluating our relationships. Now we have a stellar line-up of Moon’s North Node, Mars (for 6 months rather than 6/7 weeks) and Asteroid Goddesses, Ceres, the Earth Mother and Vesta, Guardian of the Sacred Flame, in relationship sign Libra. All planets are retrograde during the time frame of this publication, so this is a reviewing and learning period.


What does this mean for our lives?


Libra‘s symbol is the scales. Planets in Libra show us how to develop qualities such as balance, co-operation, equality and reconciliation. Mars, the main player in this current planetary alliance, is not naturally happy in Libra. After all he is the God of War, ruling our physical energies and will, initiative and decisive action. The Libran tendency to weigh things up finds Mars champing at the bit. Here he lacks potency, feeling ungrounded. Goal setting and direct action make way to letting things unfold. It’s unnatural to Mars but has its purpose. In Libra, passion is refining; calling for strategy rather than direct action, charm not Martian grit.


During this period all our relationships will be highlighted, addressing the balance of power. We may discover where the scales tip; we see more clearly where we push or compromise, or patterns of passive-aggressive behavior. Mars is anything but passive; he wants action. There’s the rub. This phase is about working together, not striking out alone. Where others are involved we have to co-operate, sometimes wait. We learn about the subtleties of working together and creating harmony through inclusion.


With Ceres & Vesta also retrograde in Libra, we touch on finer feminine energies; with the North Node, destiny plays here. These Asteroids represent how we nurture ourselves, each other and the Earth, and the capacity to keep our heart’s devotion burning brightly. We’re talking qualities such as self-love, kindness and nurturing, spiritual connection. Libra is an air sign, the potential uplifting of relationships into finer purer spaces. In the bigger picture these energies represent roles such as peace negotiator, environmental lobbyist, or advocate for abuse survivors.



Balanced reflection & action vs. self-doubt/indecision or pushing

Honesty with sensitivity vs. people pleasing/niceties

Co-operation/collaborations vs. compromise/passive-aggressive behavior


KEY DATES for dynamic challenge & change:

April 15th – Lunar Eclipse  

April 29th – Solar Eclipse

Easter - Mars joins Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in a Grand Cross, the next phase of Uranus/Pluto square. Mars activates personal elements within this ongoing collective evolutionary aspect. Just as at Xmas, it highlights long-standing family differences, growing authenticity, transformation. Expect wild cards and sudden shifts.


It’s not until early June that we begin to see the light of day and evolved relating possibilities. If we’ve learned what we need to, integration becomes evident end of July onwards.

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