Dynamic Breakthrough 2014!

The last two weeks of April are going to be the most dynamic of 2014, possibly of your life so far! A grand statement for a Grand Cross, plus Lunar and Solar eclipses, encompassing the period 15th - 29th April. Well, this is the main act... the reverberations started with the Aries New Moon on Sunday 1st and will continue until end of June.

Much will be written about these energetic dynamics and their impact within our lives. There is no doubt we will emerge changed! To understand the bigger picture we need to look at the longer term processes of evolution in which we are all involved. This particular dynamic being the fifth of seven squares (90 degree angle signifying tension) between outer planets Uranus, the Great Awakener, and Pluto, the Great Transformer, between 2012 and 2015.

Let's go back to the mid 60's and the start of this latest cycle, when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct (together), to ground understanding of this current process. If we look at cultural shifts at that time we see an explosion of counterculture; Vietnam War demonstrations, flower children and hippies, sexual freedom, love and peace, former colonies gaining independence, civil rights movements and social reform. It was an opening based on ideals of freedom and liberty for the individual, peace and love for all. As with any initiative, the impulse needs to mature and find ground in our lives for the ideal to become real. Now, at the square, we are in the next evolutionary stage: taking response-ability for living the actuality of truth, freedom and love. If we look at global events over the last few years, we get some indicators of possibilities: breakdown to breakthrough perhaps? Certainly revolutions and revelations; personally, politically and globally. Significant instances globally: Fukushima - as Uranus entered the sign of Aries, people's revolutions in Egypt and many countries, Occupy Wall St and other movements to shake up the status quo .

Astrology is a mirror for internal processes of evolution that appear to be externally manifest. The Grand Cross is exactly as it sounds: four planets in four different signs and elements (earth, air, fire, water) in a cross formation. The planets directly involved are Mars opposing Uranus and Jupiter opposing Pluto in the Cardinal (action orientated) signs of Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. The Grand Cross is a dynamic aspect where we may experience pulls or demands in four different directions, either internally, externally or both. Other planets, players on the field, will be making helpful aspects to the Grand Cross to support awareness, resolution and integration. The dynamic in its extreme, is stress, being driven by externals (circumstances, people, events), spinning out and breakdown. In its integrating expression: being consciously responsive to rapidly changing experience, centred and moving from discernment rather than reaction.... And of course we will experience anything on this spectrum to support growth and conscious relating.

Key elements involved in the Cardinal Grand Cross:

Cardinal signs: initiating and active

Fire: Uranus in Aries - breakthrough authenticity; response or reaction?

Earth: Pluto in Capricorn - living transformative power; stuck in old patterns?

Water: Jupiter in Cancer - sacred space; honouring feeling and intuition; need for security?

Air: Mars in Libra - Thy will not mine; evolving relationships; passive-aggressive?

Key to consciously engaging the dynamic activity of the Grand Cross is the fifth element: ether. This is the space at the centre of the aspects and when you look deeply, at the centre of you.

For further exploration and some enlightening insight into the infinite possibilities for evolution this month, come to Dynamic Breakthrough 2014! on Sunday April 13th, just off the M5 near Worcester. Or book an in-depth personal consultation

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