Spinning out? Or inward?

We're getting closer to the exact of the Cardinal Grand Cross, 20 - 24th April (exactly exact on 23rd UTC). It's a good time to look at choices, reactions or responses... along with the pertinent question, do we actually have choice?

The Cardinal energies are active, seeking movement and manifestation orientated. One of the energetic themes of this time is feeling we're at the mercy of dynamic energies beyond our control, either erupting from the inner spheres or arriving, without warning, from the external. Balance is delicate. If we do not move, the build up of inner tension becomes uncontainable. If we're trying to control, we find we cannot manage. If we're moving too fast, we can become manic, driven and exhausted.

There's no doubt, during this next few weeks, a dynamic breakthrough into new consciousness is very possible. Perhaps imminent for many. So what is the key? Or one of the keys? For with Great Awakener Uranus as a major player, we cannot possibly we see or predict the possibilities. This is the Great Mystery at play after all! Yet through it all, perhaps it's a question of position and perspective, response or reaction. Are we spinning out, or inward? Spiralling up into more conscious responses? Or down into old patterning? How to look? And where from, when so much is occurring so fast?

If we look to the active planets within the Grand Cross - Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn - we see four at play, one at each arm. Air, water, fire and earth. It is the fifth element, ether, that provides a potential anchor. In my way of seeing this play of energies, this fifth element, ether, sits at the centre of the Grand Cross, like the silent eye of a spiralling cyclone, the empty centred space from which all movement emerges. When spun out, in conflict, struggling, out of balance, it is this fifth element of ether that may provide the balance point. It is calling: Come to the centre - your centre. Let it be your anchor.

As these dynamic spiralling energies are seen and lived from this place, the centre becomes a point of balance from which the Grand Cross becomes a Grand Square, the square of manifesting new form. Spinning out becomes spinning in, deeper into your core, then spinning the web of new creation from your centre. Spiralling down into old patterning takes you through and out the other side, into power-full transmutation. You literally become the spiral of evolution, dynamically emerging and creating new forms of life.

So back to choice? And do we actually have choice? It's a big question for which there is no definitive answer. Perhaps a paradoxical one. In the bigger picture, I would say 'No'. For we all know the choiceless choices and the play of events that take us into choiceless places. In the smaller picture: 'Yes!' For isn't this the choice to being fully alive and engage whatever life brings us, with as much openness and passion as we can activate? Over the next few weeks if we're looking for easy it might be a bumpy ride. If we're looking for fully alive, well I say, bring it on!

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