The Biggest Picture - Uranus/Pluto cycles & Evolution

Astrology is the exploration of planetary movements, universal life cycles and processes. It is a mirror of evolution on individual and global scales. Just like the seasons, these cycles are unpredictable in how they appear, yet on earth, always winter is followed by spring. The seed breaks through its hard casing, sends down a root and reaches through the dark earth towards the light. Tree buds open to the sun’s warmth. Animals begin their courtship rituals. Such are the cycles of life here: birth, growing, flowering, fruiting, decay and death, to return to earth.

Astrological cycles are similar. They open, rise, peak and fall away, with a potential to be endlessly spiralling out new forms of consciousness. Each cycle has its momentum from the conjunction (beginnings) to the square (action) to the opposition (fruition and consequence). Let’s take as example the current Uranus/Pluto square: a cycle that represents a fundamental shift of power and freedom. Uranus aligns with Pluto every 110 to 130 years. Collectively it’s a major milestone, taking decades to integrate.

Uranus's highest aspiration is utter freedom through awakening ; shattering anything that confines, oppresses and limits. In science and technology, it manifests as innovation, the edge of evolution manifesting in discovery and invention. Pluto is the power of life and death manifesting as the endless cycles of life, death and rebirth: the phoenix arising from the ashes of the old paradigm. Its discovery signified the splitting of the atom, the Second World War and a calling to be ultimately responsible for our creation here on Earth. It’s the edge of life/death and the power of creation/destruction. In Aries and Capricorn respectively, together they signify the breaking up and destruction of the status quo and a birth of utterly new possibilities for consciousness and its forms on Earth.

Let’s looking at previous Pluto/Uranus cycles to get a feel for the process.

Uranus/Pluto conjunction – 1340’s in Aries. Events: The great flood of Kerala, famine in China, beginning of the Vatican issuing indulgences, start of the Hundred Years' War, earthquake and tsunami at Amalfi, bankruptcy of the powerful Florentine banking houses. Sound familiar?

Uranus/Pluto conjunction - 1850's in Aries Revolutions and uprisings throughout Europe: in Paris, Rome, India, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Germany and Hungary. Every European capital city except London and St. Petersburg experienced some form of rebellion. The publication of Marx's Communist Manifesto, the establishment of the USA Women's Rights Movement, and the founding of the Theosophical Society. These are all significant movements on social, cultural and spiritual levels. Perhaps we are still seeing the repercussions and evolution of these 1850’s openings now?

Uranus/Pluto conjunction – mid 1960’s in Virgo

The diverse social movements of change in the 60s - spiritual awakening, environmental activism, the women's movement, minority and human rights, holistic lifestyle, the dawning of the computer age, are the latest opening of potential from these two evolutionary planets. We can perhaps see this cycle in greater clarity due to its immediate effect on our lives?

By the late 1980’s (Uranus-Pluto semi-square) many of the new ideas emerging from these movements were being integrated within the world's mainstream, but in small ways. Computers were finding their way into the workplace but not our homes; the women’s movement was changing course; the environmental movement gaining ground. In 2014 we can see how our lives have been changed enormously in the context of this opening, yet the full surge of change is yet to come. Will it be enough? Will it be soon enough? Only time will tell.

Here in 2014, at one point of Uranus/Pluto square cycle (2012-2015), activated in April as a Grand Cross or Square by Mars & Jupiter aspects, we are entering next phase. What will this bring? Perhaps you see signs in your personal life – the calling to adapt, to let go, take a leap, give up, break through, give more, love more, create sacred space, evolve relating, nourish yourself……the possibilities are as diverse as we are unique. It is these small and sometimes huge personal changes that make up the bigger picture. Like drops in a pond, our individual actions create ripples that influence others on multiple levels. We cannot see all the possibilities and generally human nature is slow to adapt; integration takes time. Yet we can see signs.

When we look at a likely integration-point for these current global shifts of consciousness, Uranus/Pluto opposition, 2046-48, or the conjunction, 2104, are further points of breakthrough and completion. And before that? Chaos, openings and challenge on many levels. There is no doubt that these cycles are speeding up, not in their timing but in the massive impact they have on our lives and consciousness, and the demand to change. It is clear that even the 30 years to 2046 will bring shifts we have no way of seeing now. This is the Uranus factor – the unexpected ‘a-ha’ moments that bring unprecedented change. If we look at our current world scenario it is clear nothing less will suffice. The personal changes, however major, we may have experienced recently, even in a lifetime, are nothing to this biggest picture. Life changes and evolves inexorably. We’re either riding the breathtaking wave or dragging our feet in the hope we can hold on to what we’ve got. Sorry, with Pluto and Uranus around, no chance! The only certainty is change. And it’s guaranteed to be immense.

The dynamic Grand Cross energies of April we have just experienced featured a retrograde Mars; the planet of will, initiative, drive and action in an inactive phase. As Mars moves direct from 19th May, meeting the Grand Cross planets once more (individually rather than exactly aligned) between 14th June and 1st August, the impetus to directly bring about conscious change in ourselves and our lives will be powerfully amplified. The calling to be awake and alive has never been more compelling. The evolutionary edge is always calling. Now, more than ever, it demands each one of us step up and out, claim authenticity and awaken new forms of consciousness in our lives ……for the sake of us all and for our beautiful planet Earth.

If you are inspired to explore the unfolding of the Grand Cross energies further, come along to Dynamic Breakthrough 2014 in Birmingham on June 1st, or book an in-depth astrology consultation.

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