Mercury Retrograde - Exploring the background of your Life

Mercury turns retrograde until 3rd July, trawling back through Cancerian waters, needs and emotions, family issues and patterning until 17th June, then back into Gemini, the sign of the rational mind. Inwardly, with Cancer/Gemini, the process is one of review and synthesis of mind and feelings; bringing the detachment of enquiry to deep-seated emotion. Or a finer balancing of sensitivity & intuition with the coolness of rationale. Externally, the bad press of Mercury retrograde usually precedes his journey. I don't subscribe to it. It could be argued the warnings, and our negative thoughts about them, actually create the issues. We need to understand that the planets are not doing anything to us! That's a pattern of victim consciousness thinking. They are providing a mirror for how universal energy is moving in our lives when viewed from the perspective of Earth. Awareness shows that during a retrograde period the energy of any planet is moving inward. With Mercury, that's the movement of energy as related to communication, expression of mind/ideas/facts, short journeys and projects. It's like nature's returning to earth during winter. Therefore it's not a time for initiating; it's a good time for re-viewing, re-thinking, re-sourcing, re-novating..... Paying attention to detail is part of this inward movement. The smallest parts or movements are an essential component of any external expression. During Mercury retro we are offered the opportunity to withdraw a little from the external aspects of our lives and check out what's behind the scenes. Then as he moves forward once more, to bring the new awareness out as evolved expression. So, if you can, take a rain-check on that new initiative, plan or move until early July... Have a rest and explore what's going on in the background of your life. You may be in for a few pleasant surprises! If you can't... make sure to keep a keen eye open for the details. And if frustrated by lack of movement forward or what seem to be mistakes, chill out a bit. Make sure to stop and smell the roses.. EnJoy!

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