Jupiter & Black Moon Lilith in Leo - Being the Creative Self

As we move into the warm days of summer, astrologically we enter the time of Leo, the regal lion of the zodiac. Leo’s natural arena of life is play, creativity, children and romance – all areas of life through which we extend our self and our hearts. Leo is ruled by the Sun, the planet representing the essence of individualism. On the Leo stage we proclaim our uniqueness, with the purpose of growing and knowing our individuality. Just like the Sun is the creative power that drives and sustains our universe, our individuality determines our purpose and reason for being. No matter what your zodiac sun sign, Leo is playing somewhere in your birth chart and in your life. It’s all about the journey of fully living, passionate heart-centred self-expression.

This year’s Leo journey is a powerful one with aspects that highlight both new levels of individual creative power and/or egoic needs for specialness and seeking the spotlight. The in-balance Leo energy is warmth, generosity, heart-centred expression, the queen or king shining on their stage of life, a role model and leader for creative self-expression. The out-of-balance Leo energy expresses as egotism, arrogance, seeking the spotlight, the drama queen or king.

The next year is a big one for the growth of creative self-expression in us all. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, grace and opportunity, is opening doors for a new manifestation of individuality. The life arena for that change will vary from person to person, according to their birth-chart. The opportunities are there nonetheless. With Black Moon Lilith also in Leo, signifying the potential for issues of self-rejection, confidence issues or aggrandizement, it’s a dynamic shift. Where Black Moon Lilith plays our shadow and blindspots are powerfully highlighted. Be aware before pointing the finger at anyone's big ego. Remember the three fingers pointing back at yourself! Black Moon entered Leo in early March, so you may already see these themes occurring. It’s all about the power to be truly oneself and all the places we feel we can’t, through feelings of ‘less than’, hidden shame, rejections and humiliations. Keys are where we hide or step back rather than up in authenticity, or use force to cover vulnerability. Black Moon Lilith travels through Leo until late November.

Dates to watch:

16 July Jupiter enters Leo – focus of growth & expansion moves from the sign of Cancer - family matters, home & emotional security - to individuality & creative self-expression - until August 2015.

26 July: New Moon in Leo – Reinvent your self! Put powerful energies to positive use.

31 July: Black Moon Lilith in Leo trine Uranus in Aries, square Saturn in Scorpio – Power your way through fears, limitations or blocks to your new self –expression.

10 August: Full Moon in Leo: Actualize the new you! Live it fully. Don’t let fear stop you.

24 August: New Moon in Virgo, with Mars/Saturn conjunct in Scorpio – Confusion or black moods cast a shadow over the new self. Take heart and keep moving.

28 August: Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Leo – awakening the power of authentic loving in intimate relationships. Potential for fights, sudden break-ups or fateful meetings. Stay centred in heart truthfulness.

The key theme throughout this period is becoming the King or Queen, not as a ruler of subjects, but as a creative leader of your own life, living abundantly on this beautiful bountiful, sometimes terrible, stage of Earth life.

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