Asteroid Goddesses on the Move

The Asteroid Goddesses, archetypes that fill in the blanks of feminine knowing, are moving elements over these few weeks, from air to water, from mind to feeling. These hidden faces of the feminine are at play in both men and women, powerful keys to understanding the mythic symbology and connections within the human psyche, and how we connect to our inner divinity.

Ceres, the Earth Mother and Vesta, the Keeper of the Sacred Flame, have moved from Libra to Scorpio; Juno, relationship-focused Queen of Heaven from Gemini to Cancer.

In Scorpio Ceres & Vesta stand for nurturing devotion to a deep feeling connection to the Divine; we are called to intimately feel our way through every human experience as a transformational vehicle for evolution. The strength of these two feminine archetypes in the deepest of signs is the power of the ocean and its waves cleansing and revitalising the emotional field. Like the wave and the ocean we may come to a feeling knowing of individualised expression and oneness in the moment. Devotion to knowing truth through integrity, whilst also deeply acknowledging the play of human emotion, is a catalyst for unity.

Juno in Cancer brings a more personal element to this play: the possibility of nurturing the paradox of personal impersonality in our relationships and family dynamics. Knowing Love beyond yet through our personal connections. How amazing is that? Anywhere there is separation is powerfully highlighted and felt as these times. Exquisite sensitivity is part of the picture. We cannot escape these players of fate for they are guides into finer places.... right now that's feeling places.

Pallas Athena, the Wisdom Warrior Goddess, also moved from Virgo to Libra, is bringing a different element to life. She is strong in her natural sign, calling for justice for the people, for mediation rather than battle. Here, in air sign Libra, she will support the dispassionate perspective that fosters harmony in our relationships, from personal to global. She is the holder of the bigger picture, the wisdom that sees both the part and the whole playing as the web of life.

Vesta in Scorpio until 5th October

Ceres in Scorpio until 27th October

Juno In Cancer until 8th October

Pallas Athena in Libra until 18th October

Art: Susan Cavaliere

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