As we Grow our Maps get Bigger

When we’re children our map of the world is small: mother, father, favourite toy, rooms in our home, the garden or park, other familiar places and people. As we grow our world becomes bigger and our sense of safety or apprehension in that world grows accordingly. Maps help us know where we are in the bigger picture, indicating both familiar and unknown territory. We can see our boundaries and stay within or go beyond them. Maturing requires that we develop larger, more complex maps of the territories we enter and inhabit. We create joint maps with others, each looking different: our family territory, a friendship or relationship chart, school or community network. Along the way we start to map our inner world too. We develop identity, shaped by need and desire, influence and experience.

Our maps shape the way we see the world; whether inner or external they provide a framework for navigating and understanding life. As we mature, unexpected events, opportunities, challenges or traumas dictate change to our landscape. Our life map, with its routes and landmarks, requires adaptation, flexibility and fluidity. As we make our way through adulthood our maps get well used, maybe become a little worn and dog-eared. The territory has changed but sometimes we haven’t. Perhaps we’re using maps that are no longer relevant, or we’re navigating in the dark where old maps aren’t effective guides. Perhaps we need to use non-rational means to find our way for a while: intuition, a friend’s help, or guidance from a professional. Sometimes we even need to throw the map away.

Our knowledge of what makes human beings tick is evolving constantly. Our maps, like life, need to be changing to be effective tools for navigation. We’re still drawing maps, just as Columbus, Vasco De Gama and other explorers were charting the New World. Now we are expanding beyond the boundaries of our Earth into the cosmos. We are exploring the mysteries of our inner world, both body and psyche, soul and spirit. These maps are fluid, ever-changing and expanding beyond concrete definition. Perhaps we are beginning to understand that we are consciousness inhabiting a human body? That what we truly are is somehow constant yet ever-changing?

Astrology is a system that provides us with ever-larger maps through which to understand our self and our world. Your birth chart is your unique territory, your universe of perception, the lens through which you view and experience life. It reveals how and why you make the choices you do. Also it provides alternatives to the well-trodden paths you’ve made on the map of your life, providing different, perhaps unseen, creative directions; keys to the same destination or a new one. Like an Ordnance Survey map your birth-chart remains both the same and is ever-changing. It’s your land, upon which change (your growth) takes place. The birth chart is a blueprint upon which planets are constantly moving, creating diverse layers of meaning and opportunity. Just as technology provides us with up-to-date information on road closures and traffic flow, astrological mapping reveals the current life status and its flow forward. In seeing the potential new freeways, roadblocks and diversions of life, we are made aware and enabled in conscious choices and direction. We get to see both the foundation and the evolution of individuality.

The astrological climate for autumn:

September: a gentle entry into quieter days. Extremes make way for temperate weather and a movement towards balanced integration.

8th September: Full Moon 16° Pisces square Pluto in Capricorn: Illusion or reality? Discern well.

22nd September: Autumn Equinox Sun into Libra: Equal light and night, exploring the balance of your life

24th September: New Moon 1°Libra: A light and easy Moon, seeds twirling through the air, potential to be activated in October’s kiln of transmutation.

October: A set of eclipses, a wild Grand Fire Trine and Mercury’s retrograde leave us in no doubt that the processes of change are relentless.

5th – 26th October: Mercury retrograde at 2° Scorpio – 16° Libra: Emotional issues emerge from the underworld to be reviewed on the scales of objective balance.

5th – 9th October: Grand Fire Trine: Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo, Uranus in Aries. An overflow of opportunity, spontaneity and inspiration may lead to impatience and the temptation to throw all caution to the wind. Engage change with active awareness.

8th October: Lunar Eclipse 15°Aries conjunct Uranus: revelation and revolution in how you show up in relationships. Integration of 2014 learning themes: self-love & relationship

23rd October: Solar Eclipse 0°Scorpio conjunct Venus & Pallas Athena: Relinquishing fear and doubt as an initiation into true wisdom, integrity and deep trust of the Mystery.

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