Purity and Perfection - But not as We Know It

Black Moon Lilith moves from Leo into Virgo, from fire to earth, from creative self focus to service, from yang to yin on November 28th.

Virgo is the sign of the Virgin ruling purity, body-mind connections, health and service or work. Virgo ego expression tends towards analytical perception, perfectionism and criticism. This arises from the capacity to discern the finer elements of the jigsaw of life and whether they 'fit'. Virgo's intelligence is naturally attuned to the flow of subtle energies from the purity of source into body-mind manifestation. She's looking for the perfect fit, and where she doesn't find it, her calling is to serve, to bring it in, through systems that are aligned with that flow. The higher Virgo attunement to discernment reveals where and how that may occur.

In modern times the word 'virgin' which has come to mean chaste. To uncover a deeper meaning, we must look back to knowledge lost in the mists of time but not to women's knowing. Black Moon Lilith represents the Dark Feminine and the shadow of women's ancient pain. As she enters Virgo we have the opportunity to uncover a deeper perspective on the true nature of purity and of service - beyond right and wrong, beyond our ideas of success and failure.

In ancient times Virgin meant 'belonging to no man' and referred to the only classes of women who were not owned by father or husband: the priestesses and prostitutes. The association with 'service' can be seen in the function of these two female roles, although to our modern minds they may seem poles apart. Yet at one time the role of the priestess was to offer her body in sexual union as a pathway to connection with source. This was a sacred function: for instance soldiers would visit the temple priestess to be cleansed of the horror of war before returning home to their families. The priestesses held ancient knowledge and ritual to cleanse and heal. Through time the meaning of 'virgin' became associated with purity and chastity, as women's knowing, including the true nature of sexuality, was repressed. Yet her ancient knowledge is alive in our bones and the psyche, awaiting discovery.

As Black Moon Lilith travels through this Virgin territory until late August 2015, we are called to take a broader perspective on 'purity' and forge conscious awareness of how subtle energies are informing our body-mind experience constantly. This is an opportunity for understanding 'health' on a broader spectrum. Black Moon in Virgo calls us to natural systems of healing that work with the elements of nature, such as homeopathy and herbalism. Purity of environment and food become vital, sensitivity to artificial environments is keen and time in nature crucial to cleanse the body of stress. Learning to trust the instinctive wisdom of the body as a vehicle of magical transformation on every level, including our sexual energies, is part of this picture. As we serve the natural sacredness of the body so we may connect on a deeper level with its function as a vehicle for sacred purpose. In opening new practical ways of attending to the health of the body-mind system so we may be drawn naturally to our place of true service in the world.

The shadow aspects of Black Moon Lilith reflect elements of the human experience we reject or hold shame for, particularly our sexual energies. In Virgo these themes will tend to manifest as a uptight, perfectionist or hyper-vigilant attitudes to the body, health and cleanliness, and sexuality. With judgment, sensitivity to subtle flows becomes hardened and rigid. With the Virgo themes of work and service, the tendency moves towards 'enough is never enough', to forget the bodies need for care and rest, in the drive to achieve an unattainable idea of perfection.

Whilst Black Moon Lilith travels through Virgo it's vital to let loose and allow the polarity of Pisces to soften self-criticism and deliver compassion, to recognise there is no absolute right and wrong, no perfection here on Earth. The beautiful lotus cannot grow without the mud.

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