A Pause in Mind's Momentum ~ Mercury Retrograde

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. Similarly we cannot keep moving forward in life without the space to reflect, review and re-evaluate.

Mercury, the Messenger planet, ruling ideas, rational processes, communication and travel is about to make its first retrograde of 2015. The period 21st January to 12th February sees the Messenger apparently moving backwards (from the persepctive of Earth) through the air sign of Aquarius.

Mercury will go retrograde three times this year, all in air signs which rule different levels of our mentally expressive capacity. Aquarius stands for our mental capacity to be inventive, innovative, insightful and idealistic. The cosmologist, social innovator, environmental campaigner, computer geek, humanitarian all come under Aquarius rulership. Its where the structures of Capricorn are shattered and/or enlightened through Uranus' lightning bolts of 'aha' and 'eureka!'

The Mercury retrograde period has been labelled the 'beware' period of the universal cycle - don't travel, expect communication or technological problems, don't sign contracts. As I live from the philosophy of 'inner belief creates outer reality' I don't subscribe to these warnings but rather from the consciousness of 'be aware'. Be aware as you can always, as best you can. And in a Mercury retrograde period be aware that the energy of rational mind (left brain) is called inward to reflect rather than externally to express through planning, organising, innovating or inventing. We become more right-brain orientated, so during a retrograde period you could discover an intuitive tendency to pick up on things you've missed before, or miss the obvious now. The brain is working differently. Under the rulership of Aquarius this retrograde brings a review of existing projects, ideals, technical matters, community or socially orientated responsibilities, even friendships. As Aquarius is the sign of the future, it's a good time to review where you're going, long-term plans (if you have them) or vision for the future.

Before Mercury stations (turns retrograde) on 21st is a good time to bring a point of completion to left-brain projects and then let them incubate, if you can. If you know your birth-chart the house ruled by Aquarius is the area Mercury will play and re-vision this time round.

Like the arrow drawn backward, Mercury retrograde is gathering energy and power for forward motion. He stations direct on 11th February, moving over the retrograde shadow on 4th March.

Mercury retrograde periods 2015 :

19th May - 12th June : In his own sign, Gemini (doubly strong therefore)

18th September - 10th October : in Libra

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