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Total Lunar Eclipse Saturday 4th April 12.05 UTC at 14* Libra, visible USA, Asia and parts Australia. Lunar eclipses are magnified Full Moons when the shadow of the Earth falls on the Moon's face, turning it red or brown. This powerful Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) highlights the need to keep moving towards harmony and balance, particularly in relationships. With the Sun conjunct the lightning power of Uranus and the Moon's South Node, along with Mercury, and the eclipsed Moon conjunct the North Node in Libra, the fact of our interdependence is calling us to build connective bridges. Remember: no (wo)man is an island. Uranus in fire sign of initiation Aries is still square to Great Transformer Pluto in Capricorn so themes of freedom/security, authenticity/responsibility are still very strong at this eclipse. The impulse to break out, rebel, react is intense over this whole weekend yet the power of the eclipse is calling for balance, peace-making, collaboration, willingly stepping up to a new connecting point. The Moon's ruler Venus in Taurus reveals keys for balance through a Grand Trine with Pluto and Black Moon Lilith in Virgo, plus quintiles to Neptune in Pisces and Asteroid Goddess Juno in Leo. - recognise your interdepencence with all life

- buttons pushed? pause and breathe deep - be kind and generous in overlooking our very human failings - meeting everything from the heart - waive egoic independence for the greater good - discern personal or attached perspective & let it go - let go with good grace The recognition of the potential for transformation at this eclipse is key. With planet of communication Mercury conjunct the South Node highlighting karmic patterns, extremes of both expressing and repressing anger are up for dynamic change. Acknowledging where you're stuck in the past and letting it go is essential. Therein lies the opportunity for renewal and grounding a finer level of authentic power.

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