Where do you need to Roar?

Jupiter, the Blessing Giver, the planet of expansion through opportunity, stations direct today after four months of retrograde movement. Jupiter is currently in the big-hearted sign of Leo.

The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun so represents the places we shine, through taking centre stage in our lives and playing life fully. It's about expressing no-hold-back heart creativity and enjoying it. Jupiter energy calls us to stretch into new places, by offering the opportunity to grow and expand. In Leo this means opening up our hearts, having fun and also being the leader in the creative direction of our lives. 'Who me?' is not a Leo statement, nor is 'I'm not sure'. Confidence is the natural Leo way of being, over-bearing arrogance its shadowy imbalance. Being the King and Queen of the zodiac is Leo's role. Self-assured, leading by example, the Leo energy naturally assumes the spotlight.

Themes and questions to reflect on as Jupiter changes direction:

~ What creative projects of affaris of the heart (in both the literal and broadest sense) can I now initiate, or pick up and revitalise?

~ Where is my heart missing a beat? What is the deeper calling of creative expression in my life that I may be discounting or ignoring?

~ Where do I need to roar? To claim my place as a creator?

~ Where is my heart tribe?

~ Where do I need to kick off being overly responsible and dance? Where is playfulness and fun calling me?

~ What creative endeavour is calling to be seen and expressed in my life?

Tomorrow, the day after Jupiter's station, Mercury, the Messenger, makes a superior conjunction with the Sun, aligning heart and mind in clear focus. Brilliant insights and positive possibilities abound. EnJOY!

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