The Deeper Commitment

On 16th May Asteroid Goddess of partnership Juno conjuncts kingly Jupiter in Leo. This is an interesting conjunction as it opens up the mythology of these archetypal figures Juno/Hera and Jupiter/Zeus. Brother/sister and wife/husband, Juno & Jupiter were King & Queen of Heaven. Their partnership had both a 200 year honeymoon and a series of vicious conflicts due to Jupiter's infidelities and Juno's jealousy. They indicate the potential heaven/hell we experience in any committed partnership.

Looking deeper, Jupiter as the Bringer of Grace opens and expands whatever he touches. Juno represents the commitment to partnership that will go through anything to open up the potential of divine love. As an ancient triple Goddess she knows union within and desires it on the earth in a living breathing partnership. Her key quality is commitment. With the meeting of these archetypal energies currently in Leo that commitment is to the heart. Yet the risk, with these Leo regal energies at play, is both want the spotlight and both like to lead. Question is, is the King or Queen ruling? Or are they heart willing to commit to put divine love on the throne first and their egos second? These are symbolic questions yet they point the way in current relationship dramas.

A real pointer to relationship questions now lies in the current quincunx aspect of this royal couple Juno/Jupiter to Great Transformer Pluto in Capricorn. In mythology Pluto was Jupiter's brother: Pluto ruling the underworld, Jupiter the sky (heavens). The quincunx aspect is uncomfortable, demanding attention and adjustments to be made. Those adjustments are pointing to deep commitment and the necessary and inevitable transformation of old belief structures, particularly control, within partnerships. Leo energies are naturally full of heart generosity, playfulness and fun. It's a bit like the 200 hundred year honeymoon! With the Pluto in Capricorn element however we have deep transformational energies as an anchor into a much deeper place of relating too. It's a question of becoming truly heart-fully responsible for the commitment we're making, knowing what we're doing whilst having fun doing it.

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