Potent Questions - Mercury Retrograde

On 18th May at the New Moon in Taurus, Mercury, the Messenger planet that rules communication, rational thinking and travel, moves retrograde for the second time this year. This retrograde, running between May 18th and June 12th, is extra powerful as Mercury is in its own sign of the twins, Gemini. This retrograde cycle sees Mars. the Warrior planet, representing will, drive and our physical energies, accompanying Mercury. Mars powerfully energises whatever it touches - it's a bit like throwing petrol on a fire - it stimulates, intensifies and potentially harms. As Mercury rules the nervous system and Mars the physical body we may find ourselves over-dramatising life's everyday glitches through nervous tension. It's a powerful period for becoming aware of how we use both mind and will. For when we energise the mind's focus, through giving it energy, we create our reality for better or worse, for richer or poorer, literally! Perspective creates reality and during this period we are empowered to discover this in potent ways. A square to mystical Neptune in Pisces brings in the emotional element during this period, adding veils to the truth. Mercury, as sign of the Twins and having the Caduceus as one of its symbols, is the weaver of opposites. Our journey is about to take us into powerful learning about the embodiment of this weave of duality. Questions for reflection:

  • What is the relationship between my thoughts and emotions? Which comes first and what effect do they have on each other?

  • What is my habitual thought process and response to everyday glitches? How does this create my reality?

  • Where is victim consciousness still operating in my life? How may I become empowered in reclaiming integrity here?

  • What our my dreams, intuitions and subtle impressions revealing? What seed project is calling for attention?

Keys to consciousness:

  • Slow down and become more reflective during this period. Give your self space.

  • Where possible allow plans to unfold with flexibility. Or more vitally, with flexibility of perspective

  • Check and double-check all details in travel plans, contracts etc.

  • Timing is important during this period. Be aware: pressure often comes from egoic timing

  • Notice what arrives in your life during this period - opportunities, people, ideas. They are messengers from a deeper place.

Mercury moves direct on June 12th. From this point the inner seeding starts to become apparent. Change emerges slowly and my be given form now. By July 23rd when Mercury makes a superior conjunction with the Sun in the sign of heart-felt creativity Leo, clarity reigns, ushering in a period of potent creative power.


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