Truth from Fiction?

The planetary play between the Sun, retrograde Mercury and Mars in Gemini is strongly influencing our communications and actions over the next day or so. Gemini is the sign of the twins: rationale, curiosity, questions and communication yet also can be the trickster. Gemini loves to play! Hence the two faces of the sign of the twins.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we have Mercury, the planet of communication and ideas, meeting Warrior Mars, planet of will, bringing idea, intention and action into alignment, with force. Mars energises whatever he touches with the power of will and action. All well and good when we know where we’re going but with Mercury retrograde at the moment our directions are not very clear - Mercury retrograde taking the brain into reflective mode where plans and organisation become fluid, open to creative interpretation. With both planets in the realm of mystical Neptune too this meeting is clouded with confusion. The capacity for self-deception or manipulation is strong. Not everything is as it seems to be in these times.

Discerning truth from fiction or fantasy is a key theme until early next week. How do we know what's true? Is it what we choose to believe? Is it relative? Do we trust our inner truth or is that coloured too by our veils of perspective? What about truth delivered by others? These are important questions for reflection.

On Thursday the Mercury/Neptune square is exact. Whilst being dynamically visionary and creative (tension of left/right hemisphere) this aspect can also leave us feeling somewhat bewildered and scattered. Shall I? Shan't I? So many options.. so many possibilities.

There is learning about left/right brain integration and the creative process due to come out of this confused mind space. It’s a learning we cannot control or work out rationally. This is the second of three Mercury/Neptune squares over May/June due to Mercury retrograde in its own sign. The first was 9th May and the third will be 23rd June when Mercury is travelling ahead once more. We may receive glimmers of insight over this period, particularly intuitive hunches about anchoring vision, but the spotlight will likely shine brighter later in June. In the meantime, don't rely on rationale to lead the way, allow yourself to be led by the Mystery unfolding... easier said than done perhaps but certainly wise. And pay attention to dreams.

On Saturday Mercury passes between the Sun and the Earth. A shaft of light illuminates the path... a power of illumination pierces the veils highlighting the core truth of the matter. Savour it but action is not supported just yet. It’s a time for reflection and incubation, review and sorting through until mid June, when Messenger Mercury turns direct.

When the desire to act meets the illusion of belief it's easy to be misguided. Living with uncertainty sometimes causes us to use force to do something, anything, rather than be in that vulnerable space of not knowing. Monkey-mind is particularly strong over until early next week - so many possibilities calling for attention and action - and with Mars representing the will to act sitting behind the mind, it'll be easy to move. Now may be a time to just wait and see however.

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