Where the Seeds Are

Cast your mind back to October 2012, if you can, and take a look at what themes began to emerge in your life between then and December 2014. It was at this point that Saturn, Lord of Responsibility, entered the underworld realms of Scorpio. After a brief entry into fiery Sagittarius (December 14 – now) Saturn is once more casting his net into Scorpio’s deep dark ocean, trawling for more untruths, secrets and shadows, between June 14th and September 17th.

The sign of Scorpio rules both the Mystery and the taboos in our western cultures: money, sexuality, death and the occult. Along with their associated emotions: shame, jealousy, obsession and repression. It's deep, dark and dirty yet Scorpio’s depth is also a place of power and resources, finding truth in the darkest places through daring to go there. Hence the three symbols of Scorpio: scorpion, phoenix and eagle, which reveal the processes of transformation this sign governs, from the lowest nature to the highest. Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet, was discovered in the 1930’s, at the time we split the atom, revealing the power inherent in these transformative processes and our responsibility for what we do with that power on many different levels, from nuclear power to the force of our emotions. Scorpio stands for reaching both our deepest shadows and our highest truth. Integrity is its gift.

Saturn is the planet ruling Capricorn: a sign that seeks the highest order and manifestation. Saturn governs the processes of maturity where we discover that that there is a natural order and truth inherent in the universe and that true freedom requires healthy boundaries and self-responsibility. In a natural maturing process we grow the understanding that on earth everything has its limit and timing, its season. In the realm of the human unconsciousness this natural order, timing and hierarchy becomes distorted as a desire for control and a fear of chaos. Our tight grip on our lives distorts the natural flow, the seasons of our lives and their gifts. In manipulating life in order to stay safe we lose the integrity and depth of connection to who we are.

Over the next three months the combination of these two powerhouse energies - Saturn in Scorpio - is about facing reality with a capital R. We cannot escape the cycles of transformation much as we cannot avoid autumn and its partner in the death process, winter. As nature strips the leaves from the trees what was hidden is revealed. The essential elements of a thing are exposed. This transit mirrors that process, both in our lives and culture - the exposure of untruths and exploitation, manipulation, sexual power games and abuse. We can see it in our news broadcasts and in smaller ways in our lives, where there is a distortion of the truth, or an energetic manipulation. We know it in rape, organised corruption, control of resources and imbalance of power. Revelation is ripping the plaster off our wounds so that light and air can reach them. We may fear the process of stripping away but there is a gift in it - reaching the core truth of our life. For, just as in a fruit, the core is where the seeds are: seeds that are the potential for a more authentic life. Awareness: the seeds are inside, and they have to be released.

The next three months is a time to clear out and clean up, in every way. Core areas for focus:

Debt, resources, investments – Where are the energetic imbalances around money, particularly joint resources?

Sexuality – Are you being true to who you are and what you need or desire?

Death and aging – What’s the step up in maturity you need to make? What is ready to die (and release its energy) in you or in your life?

Obsessions – What’s haunting you? What can’t you let go of? Discover what lies beneath.

Secrets – What can’t you tell? What may happen if you did? Explore all possibilities not what you fear would happen.

Mid-way through this transit, on August 3rd, Saturn makes a square aspect to Jupiter in Leo, an aspect that in many ways reflects an opposite energy – profound light and Grace. It is here, in the inner tension of the square, we have the opportunity to conjoin both light and dark within ourselves. Not favouring one over the other but recognising their eternal synergy – without the dark we would not know the light and vice versa. Both Jupiter and Saturn are teacher planets in very different ways and this meeting highlights the truth of this final journey of Saturn in Scorpio - self mastery as the power to continually evolve through the integration of light and dark aspects of self.

Saturn finally leaves Scorpio on September 17th and spends the next two years in Sagittarius, the sign of exploration and adventure. The passage of Saturn through Scorpio is an essential precursor to this next phase of Sagittarius. Allowing the Scorpio descent nurtures the Sagittarian quest, for the underworld passage reveals deeper strengths, resourcefulness and integrity for the journey. To know where we’re going in this adventure of life, we must find deeper truths. The passage of Saturn from Scorpio to Sagittarius equips us with both depth of strength and breadth of vision. We may set course with sails of vision, expanding our horizons with integrity as an anchor.

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