Commitment to Love

June 30, 2015


Queen of Heaven Asteroid, Juno, moves from Leo into Virgo and conjuncts fixed star Regulus.

As Juno shifts from fiery passionate Leo into Virgo, the calling of relationship commitments shifts too - from the Sun's sign Leo, where the calling is to be seen, where romance and playfulness are the expression of love, to the cool practicality of Virgo, with a focus on refining and service. 

As Juno shifts signs she conjuncts fixed star Regulus recently entered into Virgo after 2000 years in Leo. Regulus is known as the Royal Star, representing leadership and authority. Now in Virgo, Regulus brings focus to the emergence of feminine modes of leadership, to the purification of our relationship with nature and the Earth, to the humility that is elemental in true leadership. Juno in Virgo meeting with Regulus offers the opportunity to examine our commitment (or lack of it) to truly serving the evolution of our relationships and a much bigger picture - the balance of power between male and female energies (inner and external), on every level. 

Juno opens the opportunity to explore how the smallest aspects of our day-to-day intimacy, particularly how our mental perspectives create healthy relating or not. One of Juno's symbols is the peacock, which in her mythology is said to have a thousand eyes to watch her straying husband! We can put the peacock's eyes to more discerning use. To become clear on how the smallest movement of energy follows our deeper commitment to growth or not, and what its harvest is. Virgo is the sign of service and Juno's presence here intends that partnership serves a higher calling.

Juno is in Virgo until mid September. Relationship themes now are a forerunner to planet of Love Venus in retrograde, July 25th to September 6th, Jupiter's entry into Virgo in August, and the final Venus/Jupiter conjunction there on October 25th. 

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