Maturing our Power of Love

On July 1st we saw the first of three Venus-Jupiter conjunctions this year, literally visible in the western sky after sunset. With Venus as the planet of Love, Jupiter as the planet of Grace, from now until their final meeting on 25th October our focus will be exploring the good things in life. The experience of love and beauty are rising in our consciousness for exploration. The sign of Leo is the first stage for this unfolding journey; ruled by the Sun, Leo is the place we are called to let our heart shine. Leadership, creativity, playfulness and drama are the qualities of this self-confident sign. Venus, representing what we love and value, is the main performer in this duo. Her initial conjunction with Blessing-giver Jupiter opens the doors of opportunity for creative heart expression and powerfully loving connections. But this is just the starting point of a rich journey. On 25th July Venus reaches 0* Virgo, then immediately stops us with a question: What does your heart truly serve? She then backtracks through Leo calling in reflection on what really matters to us in love & relationships, what it means to live a truly abundant life. This Leo quest opens the key themes of the summer period: passions and relationships, enjoyment and pleasure seeking, that may or may not lead to healthy, fulfilling relationship.

Any retrograde planet opens a period of reflection and review of its qualities and those of the sign it traverses. It’s a time to look at both the positive elements and shadows of a planet, and the sign it traverses We may be more familiar with Mercury retrogrades. When the planet representing thought and communication enters its thrice-yearly turnaround all kinds of interactions need reconsideration. Venus, as the planet of love, rules attraction. What we’re attracted to in terms of beauty or passion and what makes us feel good. Venus retrograde calls forth reflection on our passions and their extremes, our enjoyment of life and others, our values and our attachments. The sign it plays in currently, Leo, says: You are a unique expression of our star, the Sun. Play the game of life and enjoy it! Be a star! No wonder many actors have strong Leo qualities. The sign of the lion loves the spotlight. Yet with out-of-balance Leo what we enjoy turns too easily into attachment; fulfillment becomes excess; self-confidence slides into pride, narcissism and the demand for attention. The Leo shadow expresses in extremes of self-confidence or drama: the prima donna or over-bearing arrogance. Paradoxically Leo can also be where we shirk full heartfelt expression for fear of being seen, where we don’t claim our space. This Venus retrograde brings the opportunity to look at the balance – claiming our place as creative beings, leaders through example, shining our unique light. It’s a deep dive into our relationship to our self, our self-value and capacity for love of others. With Leo ruling the heart, that’s a great place to focus. What’s your heart calling for?

Throughout this summer period, although the focus is in fiery Leo it’s the Virgo seed at the start of Venus retrograde that points us in a real direction: a love that not merely feels good but actually is good for us. Virgo says: We are of the Earth; cultivate health-filled relating in the spirit of service to each other and life. Virgo is the ancient priestess energy. She knows the expression of love is not merely for our enjoyment but is an offering to nourish our bodies and the Earth, and to serve our Source. This Venus retrograde is a potential upgrade to renew and mature our power of love and cultivate new ways of relating. Explore with passion, enjoy fully, even roar a little if you want to, but don’t get too attached to your passions. Everything changes.

Key themes: Self love; loving others; giving and receiving love

Living your creative passion, heartfelt creativity; allowing your self to shine

Values; money; possessions; generosity of heart and spirit

Love as service, love in action: relationship that is healing.

Key questions:

What truly deeply nourishes me, and my life? (It might not be what you think)

What action is deeper self-love calling from me?

How does a truly heartfelt creativity look in my life?

How might I expand and purify that self expression?

What uplift are my relationships calling for?

More to come on the Venus retrograde, these themes, and Venus meetings with Jupiter and Mars over the summer and autumn.


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