Gems from the Underworld

The planet Pluto is a strong focus both externally and inner at the moment. Astronomically, New Horizons probe, launched in January 2006, is currently approaching Pluto (at its closest on 14th) and beaming us new images of this outermost planet in our universe. Astrologically, we have planets Mercury, the Messenger, and Mars, the Warrior, in opposition to the Great Transformer & Lord of the Underworld, Pluto on 15th, along with the New Moon in Cancer.

Any planet that we connect with physically in a new way (it's seen or discovered, or as more recently in humanity's history, it's approached in outer space) signifies a shift in our consciousness regarding the energy of that planet. Pluto, as Lord of Underworld, stands for the transformative processes we must go through in terms of power and its use. Pluto was first discovered in 1930 - heralding a period when humanity's use of atomic power began and the rise of fascism changed the face of our history. It doesn't take much stretch of imagination to see the link with 'underworld'.

But what of Pluto's gifts?

Pluto is currently in Capricorn - the sign of maturity and responsibility. When we look at the world scene it is clear this is where the focus of evolution lies : building a mature response-ability for what we do with power, on every level from individual to global. Do we use our energy to blame, shame and avoid ownership of our own shadow or do we each take responsibility for how we use power (our energy) and transform it? This is both an individual and big picture question - for the big picture is created energetically through each of our responses as one cell within humanity. What an opportunity!

As Mars/Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto (and physically we receive a close-up look at Pluto from New Horizons) we have the opportunity to take a close look at our own shadow, how we use it and what we create when we do. Cancer is the water sign that rules personal emotion. It's where we are both sensitive and protective of our past, family ties and need for security. Mars is our will and drive - expressing in Cancer as the desire to hold on, defend and protect. Mercury in Cancer stands for emotional thinking and expression - words and communication may be penetrating. Whatever opens in these next few days it's vital not to see from a place of judgment, but stay out of defending our human vulnerabilities as best we can and recognise everything has its purpose to open us. Not always easy but if we see the signs with awareness and understand the potentials we're creating, we may move with a greater degree of mature response-ability and power of transformation. It's a big process. And there's always a gift somewhere. Sometimes small ones, sometimes larger. Sometimes dressed as pressure or conflict, sometimes differently. The underworld is where gems are created. Perhaps we are learning how?

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