The Phoenix Rises?

Saturn stations direct at 28* Scorpio. Jupiter in Leo squares Saturn.

Heavyweight Saturn has been in Scorpio since October 2012 and we are now entering the final phase of this intense learning about response-ability and the necessity of boundaries, structure and integrity in our lives and relationship or sexual commitments. Saturn in Scorpio operates like a deep sea dredger into the psyche, trawling for shadows, fears, poisons and untruths. As Saturn now turns direct, moving over the final degrees of Scorpio for the next six weeks, a culmination and potential integration of the very personal Scorpionic themes from the last 2/3 years is imminent.

Scorpio is the most private (some would say secretive) sign of the zodiac. It operates in the darkness and depths where transformative processes take place. These processes may be death-like yet they are necessary. And when we allow ourselves to be held in the womb of transformation, when they are over, we may arise renewed. One of the Scorpio symbols, the phoenix, is a potent image for this process and this time. It is associated with the Sun and rises out of the ashes of the fire of its predecessor. Here we have pointers to the Saturn/Jupiter square also operating at this time.

As Saturn stations he meets Jupiter in Leo in square aspect. Leo is the sign of the Sun. It's the place we shine and with Jupiter here that light is ultra-bright. It is here we have the potential phoenix arising, yet also the tension between underworld dynamics and the Leo desire to be seen. It's a time of big questions and a transmutation of energy from dark to light. With both Leo and Scorpio being fixed signs it's also about acknowledging where we don't want to move... through fear. For parts of us the darkness seems safer, yet that's the illusion. Ultimately everything is called to renewal.

Big Question: Where in your life is life calling for renewal and expansion? The next six weeks open opportunities for answers about where to shine the deeper truth of who you are. Don't wait for permission. Saturn is the authority, and the response-ability to be who you are. Jupiter is the opportunity. EnJoY!

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