Venus Power of Attraction

Planet of Love Venus is a strong focus at present, moving retrograde and soon to be back in the heart-centred sign of Leo. At this time our focus is naturally drawn to Venus themes: love and self-loving, values, what makes us feel good or not and finances. I’d like to draw attention to a deeper signature behind these facets of our lives: Venus as the magnetic energy of attraction.

As human beings we feel attraction powerfully as the drawing towards something. Often we can’t explain what that calling is, it is potent nonetheless. Most commonly we feel that attraction to another human being. It is the magic (sexual or otherwise) that draws us into connection. Yet this magnetism is also experienced in the feel-good of life; art, music, beauty, nature, our creativity and the things we enjoy. We can see how money also falls under Venus’s banner, as it facilitates possibilities of enjoyment – albeit to a limited degree, depending on our values (another Venus theme).

In early August retrograde Venus aspects both Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio. Both Jupiter and Saturn are what I call ‘teacher planets’, the interface between our personal lives and our true nature as consciousness. So here we have a huge chance to learn and grow through the opportunity (Jupiter) to explore our contractions & denials (Saturn) around love & relationships, self-worth and money (Venus). This is a potent time to reflect on aspects of self-belief that block(Saturn) our capacity to fully be here and heart-fully enjoy life (Jupiter and Venus in Leo). The pointer is towards the balance of our capacities of giving and receiving, mind & will/body & feelings, active and receptive energies. To truly receive requires an opening up our heart; to attract and magnetise the feel-good aspects of life towards us requires that we are connected to our inner receptivity. To receive requires us both to be vulnerable and to know we are worthy. In true receiving we are both humbled and lifted up into an understanding that everything we receive on this earth comes as Grace. Venus and Jupiter in Leo are showing us life is naturally abundant. Question is do we truly see & appreciate this? Are we open to receive this? Our heart magnetic field is 5000 times more powerful than our brain’s. Saturn reveals where we our beliefs in limitation, fears and inhibitions hold contraction against this, or where we are trying to force it. Time for a shift perhaps?

Astrological note: Teacher planets Saturn and Jupiter make the same aspect twice more, in March and May 2016, but in different signs: Sagittarius and Virgo. So these themes of learning around expansion/contraction, vision/actuality, self-confidence/humility in the service of our highest aspirations are with us for a while. EnJoY!


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