The Explorer and her Microscope



On August 11th Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunity leaves sunny fire sign Leo for the gentler fields of earth sign Virgo. Jupiter will be in Virgo until September 2016.


The energy of Jupiter, planet of expansion, opens, grows and stretches us through external opportunity and shifts in internal perspective.  It’s not at its best in practical, detail-orientated Virgo. Jupiter tends to enthusiastic forays into unknown realms whereas Virgo takes small practical steps. If Jupiter is the explorer, Virgo is the microscope. One seeks to go beyond all boundaries in the quest for discovery, the other to examine what is at hand with devoted attention.  Jupiter is the blind faith to Virgo’s problem/solution analytical orientation.  Richard Branson’s quote ‘If someone offers you an opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes then learn how to do it later’ is a Jupiter statement. Virgo needs to learn the technical skills, practice until perfectly proficient (or even perfect), then say yes. Both have their gifts.


So how will the marriage of these two energies play out in our lives over the next year? Well think about building a house. Firstly you would need a vision and a plot of land, a big picture. Then you would need to create plans and build it, step-by step. If you didn’t pay great attention to detail it’s likely your house would fall down or develop problems down the line. If you didn’t have the vision, faith and enthusiasm to go for it, you wouldn’t realise the potential of a tailor-made home (plus the growth that goes with that creation) Both vision and practicality are needed to create anything worthwhile. Then consider an architectural wonder like the Taj Mahal. It’s a building of great beauty, experienced both in its initial grand majesty and its stunning carved inlays and semi-precious stones.  Its splendour comes from the synergy of devotion and craftsmanship. Without Jupiter’s large vision, without Virgo’s eye for detail, coupled with the devotion to serve that vision, the Taj would not exist.


What can we discover about our ways of being and ourselves through this transit? Well perhaps take a look at these pointers below. Can you see the perspective and way of being you tend to favour?  What about the other one?  Well that’s the key to discovery. EnJoy!


big picture - small picture

trust – worry

indefinite - specific

faith – discernment

zeal – humility

breaking out - doing the work

independence - service

demolishing  – refining & purifying

crash diets - healthy practices

broad - technical






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