All Change September!

We’ve entered the second eclipse zone of the year! September’s power for change opened at the weekend with a Solar Eclipse in Virgo. So how was your weekend? Eclipses represent landmark energies where unexpected events or experience catapult us into new awareness. Experience at the Eclipses opens doors to the next six month phase of evolving your life. It's a point of change, different for each individual but with that flavour of endings and beginnings. Are you ready?

Aside from eclipses September’s energy flow is orientated to big shifts. The summer Venus retrograde exploration of love and self-love continues with Messenger Mercury station retrograde in Libra on 17th. As we know, retrograde planets are about reflection and review of the sign themes they’re tracking back through. Libra being the sign of relationships, our exploration of love themes continues, with particular focus on ‘other’. Relationship commitments and the balance of light/dark are highlighted, with a calling to go beneath the surface to discover what's really running our relationships. Libra is the sign ruling harmony and its tendency is peace at the expense of facing conflicting energies. With such a strong focus here the opportunity is we’ll discover true harmony comes only with core honesty. Not an easy journey but a rich one. Mercury is retrograde until 9th October.

The 17/18th are big days. Not only does Mercury start his backtrack, planet of grace & growth Jupiter, currently in Virgo, opposes Great Mystery planet Neptune, & Wise Elder Saturn finally moves into Sagittarius. (See my 'Making It Real' blog on Saturn in Sagittarius here) Both these shifts are about bridging the beauty of our vision with clear discernment and wisdom. Themes: excess/lack, fantasy/reality, confidence/fear of expansion, heart/head. We’re being offered the opportunity to really live our higher beliefs, striving for excellence in our capacity to manifest our spiritual values.

Pay attention to what takes place over these two days. Experience contains keys to what's calling for attention.

With Great Transformer Pluto changing direction in Capricorn on 25th our capacity to take response-ability for change on every level will be calling powerfully. With the Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) taking place at 4* Aries on 28th September there is no let up in sight! Much potential insight and certainly lots of experience will have opened by this point so more on this Eclipse later in the month. EnJoY!

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