Pressure Creates the Diamond you Are!

The most powerful week of the year! Just as pressure creates a diamond from coal, so the intensity of change in our lives forges our new individuality. This week the Equinox opens a phase of intensely transformative energies – endings and beginnings that lead and potentially uplift us into our next evolutionary phase.

23rd: The Sun moves into relationship-orientated Libra (08.22 UTC) marking the Autumn Equinox in the northern hemisphere. It's a time of equal day and night and this gives us a clue to focus of Libran energy - the calling to balance between opposites. It's where the developed sense of self enters relationship and social arenas and is called to make constant adjustment to 'other'. Shortly after entering Libra the Sun makes two important aspects: sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius, and conjunction to destiny point, the Moon's North Node. These two aspects open powerful opportunities to align with and ground a new path of self-mastery, the reconciliation of opposites through commitment, focus and patience. As the North Node is aligned with the Super Galactic Centre these are no ordinary aspects. The potential for a huge shift is certainly with us yet it's not effortless.

24th: Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, about to station direct. Intense communications call forth the need to look deep and transform. Don’t mix your words with your mood.

25th: Warrior Mars moves into Virgo, conjunct Fixed Star Regulus, immediately square to Wise Elder Saturn in Sagittarius and semi-sextile the Moon's North Node in Libra. It’s an opportunity to align desire and focus in service to a higher calling for our lives. Frustration, irritability or feeling controlled point to karmic patterns calling for response-ability, stepping beyond the endless circling of blame and shame. Time to embrace the past from a place of maturity and move on.

26th: The Sun and Asteroid Goddess Juno conjunct fierce feminine archetype Black Moon Lilith in Libra. A relationship dance that could go either way today (within ourselves or in partnership)... a challenge to synergise the fierce desire for equality and freedom with deeply loving intimate connection. A potential for passion and magical connections that honour authentic individuality

28th The Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) takes place at 4* Aries on 28th September at 02.50 UTC. This is the final eclipse in Aries in a series beginning late 2013. Its themes represent the letting go of excessive ‘me’ orientation, egoic competition and drive. This last eclipse represents a powerful karmic awakening beyond self-orientation into strengthening relationship values.

The Full Moon is conjunct its South Node in Aries, the karmic bucket of old patterns and soul gifts, along with Asteroid Goddess Vesta; whilst the Sun in Libra conjuncts the North Node of destiny, Black Moon Lilith, Asteroid Goddess Juno and Mercury. Unpacking all the astrology reveals the calling of this Moon to wake up devotion and commitment to our own higher principles and values, and bring those into new relationship expressions. With the strong focus on feminine energies the way forward is sure to be found in ‘both/and’ rather than 'either/or' perspective and actions.

To traverse the eclipse energies consciously it’s good to reflect on where our particular tendencies in relationship issues lie: the extremes of always giving way, battling our way through or somewhere in-between. An awakening beyond the old patterned ways and a new synergy of self/other balance is a real potential here. We must be willing to look deeply and move on from self-defeating behaviours to enable this.

Black Moon Lilith, the holder of fierce creative feminine power (and shadow) in this aspect, certainly holds no prisoners to niceties. She reveals the way forward in relating as through authentic honesty and communication or not at all. The need to take clear responsibility for ourselves and our part in relationship dramas is essential. Pivotal points of choice abound that may loop us around yet another cycle or open new doors. Discernment and mature response is essential.

We're riding a huge wave of change and potential growth this week. Key word: response-ability. In a nutshell: response-ability for ourselves, our past and how we either use or transform that old energy in relationships and moving forward. EnJoy the ride!

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