Virgo - Love in Action

This weekend births the opening of a new cycle as Goddess of Love Venus conjuncts destiny point the Moon's North Node and moves into her own sign relationship orientated Libra on Sunday. Venus's conjunction to the North Node is the door-opener and pointer to our love focus over the next eight months. She's followed by Mars making the same aspect next week and Jupiter's three conjunctions to this point of destiny in January and June 2016.

With Jupiter now firmly placed in Virgo, this earthy sign with its themes of service, humility, work and mastery is a strong focus until September 2016. With the Moon's North Node also moving into this sign of the ancient Priestess energies (and there until 2017) we are being called to examine just what our life serves.

This weekend Venus aspects open the way for an exploration of self-worth and our capacity to give and receive, to allow our gifts to flow in service for the greater good. We may begin to recognise it's in the smallest movements of energy that we either open or close to another, and to the flow of true goodness, pleasure, beauty and harmony. Our values may well be changing, as we deepen in our understanding of what truly nourishes and makes us feel good. Mars activates the same point on 12th, asking us what we're going to do about what we've discovered ~ not from a place of Mars action but from Jupiter's growing understanding about how we action.

With the Moon's South Node in Pisces and Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Virgo twice in January and again in June 2016, the potentials for us to understand and embody our spirituality as 'love in action' are calling. The beauty and humility of the ancient Priestess energies are coming in


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