The Biggest Questions

We're approaching Full Moon at 3* Gemini, at 22.44GMT on 25th. As we know Full Moons often catalyse questions or situations, with opposing energies (people, circumstances, desires, demands) pulling us in different directions. This Full Moon is stronger than usual however, as it involves the first of three challenging squares between outer planets Saturn & Neptune exact this week (two more to come in June & September 2016). This square marks one of the major themes for 2016 and it's the biggest question : What’s Real? I'll be writing lots more about this as I share the 2016 energies over the coming weeks. Let's take a peek at Saturn and Neptune now though, to get a taste of the energy. Saturn - builder ~ Neptune - the dissolver Saturn - physicality ~ Neptune - soulfulness Saturn - practicality ~ Neptune - infinite potentials Saturn - responsibility ~ Neptune - escapism Saturn - structure ~ Neptune - formlessness Saturn - the Mountain ~ Neptune - the Ocean And that is literally a taste.... I haven't even brought in their respective signs. As I said .. much more to come Tomorrow the first square (= tension) opens the doors to the big question 'What's Real?' With the Full moon in Gemini it's likely we'll be drawn to look into our rational mind for answers. For Gemini is the sign that rules left brain expression and communication. Awareness of that tendency is helpful, as is knowing that's not where the answers are to be found right now. We can let the mind know to be quiet .... that we're entering a 10 month process .... that the learning comes through experience .... and that the answer to 'What's Real?' will be different for each one of us. After all it depends where we're looking from doesn't it? There are pointers however, and that's where I'll be taking this over the next few weeks... meanwhile, enjoy the bright beautiful Moon in Gemini. And if you're inspired to explore just a little deeper take a look at my previous post 'Making it Real' on Saturn in Sagittarius here

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