Have to? Love to?

This weekend our golden Sun meets Wise Elder Saturn in the sign of the explorer Sagittarius. This meeting highlights once more the Saturn Neptune square we began to explore last week. It’s an energetic theme with us until September 2016. And it’s a theme that will be activated regularly through other planet’s transits.

The current Sun/Saturn aspect represents our maturity levels and responses to obligation. It’s a ‘have to’ aspect, with different flavours according to its zodiac placement. In Sagittarius it highlights the healthy balance between freedom and restriction, mature independence and responsibility, or feelings of being burdened by what we ‘have to’ do.

The current Sun/Neptune aspect stands for the desire to explore creative inspiration, to know compassion and soul connection. It’s the ‘love to’ response of open hearted communion. It’s the dynamic flow that takes us with it into new inspired spaces. Yet placed as it is currently, square to heavyweight Saturn, it’s more likely to activate the desire to escape reality, to tune out, avoid or disappear (physically or psychologically). It’s the ‘I can’t be bothered’, the ‘I’m too tired to…” or just simply not caring.

So, given there’s a tension between ‘love to’ and ‘have to’… if we look at the energetic flavours of the planets involved we can see a way through perhaps? Saturn is very much about form, structure and limitation. It’s the tight spaces in our lives yet also the places we may feel good when we accomplish what we know we have to. It’s the bill-paying, organising, building energy of the zodiac. It’s the grown-up response to life and what we need to do to keep body and soul (and the rest of it…) functioning in a tangible way. When we make a friend of Saturn somehow life makes more sense. When we fully engage what we ‘have to’ (ok… maybe with a little procrastination or complaining) we actually create more space for the ‘love to’. Not just physical space, but energetic space within ourselves. There’s less ‘stuff’ in the way; resistance, guilt, blaming and shaming, or simply ‘I should…’ When we make space willingly for ‘have to’ (not always easy) we arrive at the positive aspects of Neptune’s flavour.

Energetic space is Neptune’s realm. It’s the open luminous flow where ‘love to’ opens naturally. It’s infinite; it’s a dance of free floating particles; it’s deep silent black space. No wonder we love it! Yet with this Saturn square around for the next 10 months we’re being called to integrate this vast open space with the tight space, this gorgeous sense of free-floating with physical reality, Neptune’s wondrous inspiration with Saturn’s practicality and action. It’s the potential integration of reality and vision in a living way.

Food for thought about this Saturn/Neptune square: Without instruments how would we know music? Without a canvas how would we paint the beauty of life? Without ‘have to’ how would we know ‘love to’?

They’re big questions that are leading us to even bigger answers. No instant easy answers, just the process…...and the unlimited possibilities of brilliant inspiration calling for manifestation. EnJoy!

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