New Year - Good Faith & Strategy

We're fast approaching 2016! In the chart for midnight on 31st December we see a flavour of what is to come. This chart shows no major astrological aspects, however the Moon in Virgo is very active, making a conjunction with Jupiter and the Moon's North Node. This is an interesting point as we reach the brink of a New Year, strongly highlighting our aspirations and plans for 2016 with buoyant optimism and good faith. With planet of expansion Jupiter trine Goddess of strategy Pallas Athena in Capricorn, it's an opportune moment to consider 'how' you're going to engage the potentials of a new year.

Pallas Athena is our guide in the 'how'. She is the Asteroid Goddess associated with creative feminine inteliigence. Her energy moves as strategy from a holistic perspective, not from linear rational mind with its goal orientation. Pallas in Capricorn is a shamanic energy, deeply knowing the connection of all aspects of her life on her web of creation. Her timing holds all those aspects in good balance. She reveals the mature wisdom of timing and the art of manifestation, not as a forceful 'making it happen' but as the ripening of a juicy fruit.

The Moon, Jupiter and the Moon's North Node are also in an earth sign, Virgo, the ancient sign of the Priestess energies. Virgo calls us to refining our 'how', to consider qualities such as care-taking and service as part of the creative process, to know the impact on our health of pushing and stress, to consider our skills levels and where we may need to develop them. This year the 'how' is as important (if not more so) as what we are creating. These strong feminine energies at New Year are calling us to try a different approach to our lives: to engage fully with what we know to be worthwhile yet to tend our plans as a gardener would his garden. with presence and infinite care.

For more on 2016 energies, download my free guide '11 Key Questions to Ask Yourself in 2016' here.

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