Seeing your self Truthfully

Major aspect this week: Retrograde Mercury in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries, conjunct Pluto and square Black Moon Lilith in Libra. This intense T-square aspect is highlighting the separating Uranus/Pluto square and the deep shadow feminine of Black Moon Lilith.

This week and well into February (due to Mercury's upcoming change of direction) we are faced with a dynamic tension between necessary change and present circumstances - circumstances meaning not just our external life but also our inner patterned ways of responding to challenge and change, particularly within relating. Black Moon Lilith who represents both our personal and collective disowning and shaming of shadow energy (particularly toxic emotional and/or sexual energies) is calling us deeper into what we’ve repressed, denied or projected out, particularly onto friends and/or partners, or even onto the world as a whole.

Black Moon Lilith shows us the only way out is through, and what we disown will show itself to us in some way. With the energies of Uranus/Pluto and Mercury involved this could display itself through intense communications or conflict. Much like a boil that has to be lanced, pressure has to be released. Not a pretty picture but a necessary one. And knowing this potential brings awareness, response-ability and power: to connect into your inner world and see what’s required before it reaches crisis point.

Themes to explore:

  • Self-denial and repression: What’s not been said that needs to be?

  • Seeing your self truthfully: Not through the eyes of judgment but with willingness to self connect, to open to love where and how you can.

  • What you habitually project onto others: what if you opened to the possibility that partners and friends are mirrors helping you to see your self more clearly?

  • What are you most afraid of in relating? Admit it and step beyond it in whatever ways you can.

This is an ultra-powerful aspect that can signify deep transformational shifts. Key awareness is the understanding that everything in life serves growth when we see it for what it is, which can only be done without judgment - not easy but completely freeing. Uranus involved in this T-square highlights the potential for powerful uplifts in self-respect and renewal through confronting our personal darkness.

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