It's the Little Things...

Jupiter conjunct the Moon’s North Node in Virgo at work in my life….. how about you?

Last week I picked up a habit (more of a ritual actually) that I dropped a while ago. I can't recall why I dropped it but I'd certainly replaced it with something less healthy. I’m sure you’ll recognise it. Yes, I’d got into the techno compulsion.

Mornings are my ‘me’ time. I’m an early riser and the luxury of an hour to collect myself fully from dreamland before facing the world is pretty essential to my sanity. A leisurely cup of freshly squeezed lemon and turmeric tea, with the company of an enlightening book, writing some morning pages in my journal and a meditation, then I can face pretty much anything. So what happened? Well as I don’t have a clock in my bedroom, over these dark winter mornings the phone had infiltrated itself onto my bedside cabinet. And its questionable appeal is compulsive… Facebook, emails, even the weather (what’s wrong with looking out the window?) all calling me. Yes you guessed it - gradually the phone had started to infiltrate my nourishing morning rituals.

Last week I realised how what I was doing was affecting my day. I recognised I didn’t like it, so time for a change. It just so happens it was the Jupiter conjunct the Moon’s North Node in Virgo day. Let’s unpack that a bit. Virgo is the sign of refinement and purification. It rules our health and habits, the details, the little things we do that make up a picture of ‘good health’ (or not). The Moon’s North Node points towards the qualities we need to develop in order to grow in alignment with our greater Self. This is Virgo, so we’re talking about discernment, improvement, nourishing the body-mind, paying attention to detail, wellbeing on all levels. So looking at my morning ritual, the need to pay attention to the little things in order to uplift my wellbeing is pretty obvious. Virgo rules our work too so perhaps that’s where it’s playing out in your life? And what about Jupiter? Well Jupiter inflates everything it touches. It’s the biggest planet in our universe apart from the Sun. Jupiter reveals the opportunity, the grace, the helping hand…. but, we have to take it. Only in engaging the opportunity do we find the deeper meaning or the bigger picture (both Jupiter qualities) to those little things in life.

So what deeper meaning did I discern from keeping my phone switched off until after breakfast?

I discovered that when I do, I am in deeper presence with the Earth, my physical reality and myself. The first morning I changed the habit, on my way to an event by train, I noticed the brief but beautiful blue sky gap in the clouds; I noticed the sadness in that woman’s face; I felt the cold wind caress my cheek as I walked; I perceived the brightness of the robin singing his heart out and the tips of bulbs pushing through the ground. It’s not unusual for me to notice these things but their impact on me was more striking. My body was more present to the tiny often unobserved nuances of life, because my head was clear. Who would imagine that reaching for my phone first thing in the morning would have such significance for me?

Technology is a big part of our lives in the 21st century. Probably you’re aware that its balanced use is important, for aren’t we all? Yet perhaps it’s good to understand its full impact on your individual life. This is the Jupiter in Virgo factor: the big impact arising from the little things, understanding the meaning of those small habits that often go unnoticed. That moment of ‘It doesn’t matter’ when you might actually be saying ‘I don’t matter’; that extra slice of cake that’s really a cover-up; the extra hour at work when you really need some fresh air; that distracted ‘uh-huh’ to your partner when they really need your presence. Think about the apparently small difference between saying to yourself ‘I can’t’ or ‘I’ll give it a go. Truly it’s a vast difference isn’t it? These small moments and tiny little movements of energy are so revealing when we pay attention. And they’re vitally important to our wellbeing. Now I see a few idle moments online in a much bigger light. I’m starting to pay better attention to the little things… how about you?

Jupiter is in Virgo until 9th September and meets the Moon’s North Node again on 20th June. As this planet of good grace is moving retrograde until mid April we’re offered the opportunity to take a good look at these small elements of our lives. What small changes do you need to make that could have potentially huge significance?

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