The Change-makers

We're into the first eclipse period of 2016 with a Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon) at 18 Pisces at 1.55am GMT on 9th March & the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) on 23rd March.

Eclipses have always been seen as powerful change-makers, But what do they reveal to us? These extra powerful New & Full Moons show us a truth of life: change is inevitable and always with us, whether we like it or not. And it’s our responses or reactions to change that reveal the next point of our evolution. Where there is reaction or resistance, there is always fuel for growth.

At this Total Eclipse we have the Moon passing across the face of the Sun, blocking the Sun’s light. The Sun represents our identity, or light of consciousness, and the Moon our instinctual responses. So at the eclipse point, our instinctual emotional responses are obscuring our consciousness temporarily. As the Sun’s light returns we are enabled in seeing from a new perspective.

This particular eclipse is in the sign of Pisces, with a strong line-up of planets making opposition to Jupiter and square to Saturn. Emotions tend to be oceanic in this vast watery sign and yet as Pisces is traditionally the sign of letting go and dissolution, the potential is to open up greater consciousness of the paradox of our human experience. This is a both/and eclipse, not an either/or one. Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius reveal a polarisation between optimism and pessimism in the face of eclipse experience. They indicate our habitual responses or reactions to life’s changes, or the perceived challenge of change. Yet if we look at the quality of these planets, they can guide us also to more conscious response. Jupiter in Virgo calls for an exploration of facts and practicalities, Saturn for the discovery of truth and Pisces for unconditional acceptance and compassion. At this first eclipse the duality of the two teacher planets, Saturn and Jupiter, may present as a polarisation between moving forward and holding back, reacting and/or resisting. Jupiter providing the opportunity, Saturn in Sagittarius calling up fears of expansion, perceived limitations or lack of self-belief, with the bridge being a loving compassionate quest to pinpoint the truth about what is needed.

How do you discover that truth? If we look at the three signs predominantly involved in the eclipse, we can see the points of choice. Pisces calls you to delve into the non-rational, your intuition and feeling responses; it opens the potential of compassionate acceptance, self-loving and moving from unconditional love. The opposition to Jupiter in Virgo asks you to explore the facts, the detail and the practicalities, what is needed in a grounded way. Whereas the square to Saturn in Sagittarius guides you to deep honesty, to find a profoundly meaningful response to whatever is taking place in your life.

Naturally, as individuals, we tend to favour one of these means over the others but the mutable T-square energies active at this eclipse ask that we have the flexibility to encompass all perspectives and act from a place of synergy, bringing the light of consciousness (the Sun) to shine on instinctual responses (the Moon). This synergy is of intuition, facts and truth.

Potent questions to ask your self as we move through the 2016 Eclipse gateway:

What is deeply self-loving?

Given the facts, what is workable here?

What is deeply meaningful to me in this situation?

What serves the whole here?

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