The Mature Response

We're mid eclipse period and approaching the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) on 23rd March at 3 degrees Libra. It's an intense time for change, both inner and external. Astrology can point us towards key perspectives to smooth the way, and with this eclipse it’s pointing towards new levels of relating.

The Full Moon is always a time of polarised energies. This one points us towards the challenge of Aries/Libra, in a nutshell: what I want and what my relationships are calling for. With the Sun & Mercury in Aries at this eclipse, staying true to my own way of being and perspective is vital, yet the Moon (and many other factors) are calling forth the desire for connection. It’s a dance on a bridge, finding a new middle ground in relationship

Where are the helpers in finding this middle ground? It’s certainly not a compromise; it’s more about valuing and honouring the diverse aspects of individuality. Eclipse ruler is the Goddess of Love Venus, shining from watery Pisces. She is conjunct ruler of Pisces, Neptune, and her numinous desire for union is without question. Venus here opens the door to a vast ocean of love; it’s sweet, open and unifying. In flowing trine to Asteroid Goddess of Marriage Juno in Scorpio, there’s a real potential for depth of passion and integrity. It’s a magical, spiritual yet deeply sensual feeling connection. So potentials for loving connection abound yet they’re not without a challenge. There’s a saying: old habits die hard, and with Chiron and Ceres conjunct the Moon’s South Node also in Pisces, patterned responses are very active. The ‘can’t be bothered’ of victim consciousness, or just plain ‘too tired’ is tempting. Yet the eclipses call us towards endings and beginnings; to shifts of consciousness that open doors into new places. To be wise is to not miss the opportunity!

This brings us to the next helper: Wise Elder Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn stations retrograde on 25th and is square to Jupiter in Virgo on eclipse day, making his energy as powerful as the eclipse. These two teacher planets, Jupiter and Saturn, are about how you contract and expand, close down and open up, with the square aspect providing a tension between those two possibilities. It’s a tension between your desire to grow or be free, and where you’re being called to step up in mature response. Sagittarius and Jupiter are both freedom and growth orientated, with Saturn and Virgo being realistically orientated; so there are questions about what’s essential rather than what’s wanted. It could be the impulse to blow out on a romantic dinner confronted by the reality of finances; the moment of passion interrupted by the crying baby; the loving gesture going unnoticed in the backlog of the daily grind. This is where the forces of expansion and contraction, possibility and reality meet, and you’re the bridge into a new place. Saturn, as Wise Elder archetype, is the most powerful energy in this meeting, and he calls for a mature response; for flexibility and spontaneity within the challenges of reality; for being a grown up when you might want to throw a hissy fit, or just escape the challenges of trying to relate at a new level. It’s about the wisdom to encompass what is your truth and the reality of what’s needed.

Maturity is the capacity to incorporate the contradictions of differing desires, both within our self and with others, and find a working balance. This eclipse calls you beyond the working balance. It’s about the potential of uplifting your expression of loving connection within relationship. Sagittarius is the zodiac sign called to adventure. With Saturn in this expansive fire sign, the journey is to be openly adventurous where the biggest challenge is. With other eclipse energies supporting your capacity to be open, tender, committed to partnership and yet to your own truth, there’s real potential in this eclipse. Make sure you don’t miss it!

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