Out of Whack?

We're approaching a period where personal power, passion and purpose are going to be a strong focus. Think you know where you're going? Or what you want? This next 4 months may bring you into a process of re-orientation in terms of direction and how you get there.

So what's happening with universal energy to bring us into this process? The planet Mars (we know its symbol as the glyph for 'man' or 'male') rules direction, intention and action; our desire nature, drive, passion and/or lack of it. Over the next 10 weeks Mars will be travelling retrograde; it’s a process that takes place every two years. As you may know the energy of retrograde planets operates differently. Energy that usually flows outward in a particular manner backs up and moves inward. This calls us to internal exploration because the way we usually express and operate that energy is now out of whack.

So what can you expect with Mars retrograde? Well let’s explore the signs Mars is travelling through to get a picture of possibilities. Mars starts his backtrack in the fiery sign of Sagittarius, the explorer of the zodiac. Mars in Sagittarius would usually operate fast and furious, driven by the desire to explore all aspects of life’s great adventure and grow through what is discovered. This is the desire for freedom with no limits, boundless expansion and to live with unrestrained passion. Then Mars moves back into the deep oceans of Scorpio. This is a different level of passion – deep, mysterious, penetrating and desirous of profound intimacy. Sagittarius’s journey beyond the known horizon is Scorpio’s deep dive into darkness. One is outward orientated; the other is inward. This is the passion to participate fully in life and to engage Life’s deep mystical processes with intensity; both of which lead to growth.

It’s interesting that the glyph’s for Mars, Sagittarius and Scorpio all contain arrows. This brings a clue to the process. For with the retrograde all these arrows will be pointing back towards your self, rather than outward towards what is desired or purposeful. The focused energy of Mars retrograde will bring the spotlight to how you relate to, express and use personal will. Are you usually passive, assertive or forceful? Be prepared for a change. Normal patterned responses may be on hold or fall apart. Desire and intention may turn into apathy, or a fevered frenzy. You may get defensive or angry where usually you wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Or you may just not be bothered. You may start to question 'exactly what do I want?' and 'how am I going to go about making it happen?' Where you’re usually purposeful, you may find yourself drifting. You almost certainly will question your motives during this period. Physical energy levels may fluctuate too. It’s all part of deepening your understanding of how you relate to ‘power’, your own and another’s. It’s probably not a comfortable process but it’s certainly a purposeful one.

Key focus periods of Mars retrograde:

17th April- 27th May: Mars retrograde in Sagittarius: exploring direction, goals and drive to expand, grow or make it happen, or impotence in these areas i.e. lack of self-confidence, fear of change or being out of control.

27th May – 30th June: Mars retrograde in Scorpio: exploring use and abuse of power in relationships, passion and sexuality, how you relate to deep emotional energy.

30th June – 2nd August: Mars moves direct in Scorpio: integrating understanding about your emotional responses in relationships/sexuality and introducing new ones.

2nd August – 22nd August: Mars moves direct in Sagittarius, over his retrograde shadow on 22nd, still in Sagittarius until end September - integrating awareness about courage, drive and your capacity to fully engage life’s great adventure, opening up new levels of balanced self-confidence.

Want to discover more about Mars retrograde? Read my blog 'Playing with Fire'

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